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American Government - Democracy
Other Types of Government

Power in the hands of one person. This is the oldest form of government. Its power is maintained through military or police power.

Left: Ancient Rome's Nero. Right: Commodus,Megalomanic Emperor of Rome.

Totalitarian Dictatorship
The idea of a single leader or leaders is glorified. The leader seeks to control all aspects of social and economic life. Examples of totalitarian dictators are Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. The people lack the power to limit their rulers.

Left: Hitler arrives at Nuremmberg in September 1934. Right: Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.

When Hitler was named chancellor of Germany in 1933, he told the cheering audience:

"That is the miracle of our age, that you have found me, that you have found me among so many millions! And that I have found you. That is Germany's good fortune!"

A monarch is a King or Queen. This is usually an inherited position. See National Monarchies for more information.

King Henry VIIIQueen Elizabeth I
Left: King Henry VIII. Right: Queen Elizabeth I.

Absolute Monarchy
Absolute monarchs have complete power of rule over the people. Absolute monarchies are rare today. These monarchs believed that they had a "Divine Right" - a view that God granted those of royal birth the right to rule. To them, it was a sin to revolt. So, the power of the ruler came from God, not the people.

King Philip IIKing Louis XIV
Left: Philip II of Spain. Right: Statue of Louis XIV at Notre Dame.

US Government - Democracy
State Government / National Government
Why Did Government Originate?

American Constitution
What is a Constitution?
Powers Prohibited to Congress / Powers Prohibited to States

Other Types of Government
Autocracy, Totalitarian Dictatorship, Absolute Monarchy

Trial and Judicial System Information
Officers of the Court / Characteristics of a Trial
Courtroom Demeanor / How to Dress for Court
Testifying in Court - The DOs and DON'Ts

Trial Tactics and Tricks Used by Attorneys
Common Trial Objections During Testimony
Courtroom Definitions

Class Activities
Constitution Presentations
The Trial of Goldilocks

America's Entry into World War I

More Information
View WWI Uncle Sam Poster - 1917



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