Poetry by Sienna V:       Passionate cravings agitate  feelings  creating  seething  poetry.


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Thanks to my dearest love for bringing your delicious soul to my world.
                                   always and passionately yours,   s
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Wordsport award winner 'Lifeline' could be  included in the inspirational  section.  It depends upon your point of view as you read between the words.

 Stemming from imagined  fulfillment, a slip of raw emotion pours into Pure Sensuality.

 The erotic poem ' Words'  had a place of honour on Bookpages UK site.

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  Pure Sensuality

Her neck warms.
Fire creeps to her cheeks
She swears her soul trembled.
What was she supposed to be doing
When the tiny message

She can't think
Her heart smolders up her throat
Pure sensuality fogs her thoughts
She forgets how to breathe

In moments
Her heart still does the two-step
Or is it a jive?
It's just fantasy
Tinged with reality.
Droplets ripple waves
Through former nothing
Havoc created.
The shock waves rock her core
Like an atomic bomb,
Leaving her spinning.

She smiles
with smug self satisfaction
at the new self she sees
in her mirror.

 The Last Night

Staring into her soulful eyes
He draws her exuding love;
Breathing her . . .
Intense . . .
Continual caresses
His only reminder
Of their earthly realm.
Historic embers rekindled
An unstoppable inferno;
Incandescent love;
The outline of dreams
The paintbrush of fantasies.

Ceiling Fan

surprise audio for the daring:

real audio
  Words audio

Words caress
breaths tendrils
within whispers
skim sensitive skin
shivers shudder
liquid warmth cloaks
strokes mending
osmosis strength
absorbs devours
slowly savoring
simple sweetnesses
enduring surviving
seducing . . .
seducing . . .


real audio

  Lifeline audio

in the predawn
while I listen
to the earsplitting silence
shivering, alone
on my punctured raft
in a void
somewhere  in the middle
of the Atlantic,
. . .  he calls to me.

"Let me paddle some,"
he whispers kindly

Oh!  I let him!
I breathe again, my raft steadies,
regains buoyancy
bobbing gently
nestled under the shoulder
of the waves.

sunset love

Hot Romance