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 "After  spending  over  a decade in a  secure  cocoon,  Sienna  burst forth  into  life  with  renewed  energy, vigor, and  passion.   Now  boldly  living her  didn't-dare-to-dream-dreams,  she wonders,  'Can  a person really POP  from  bliss?' "

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 Like  a tiger  . .  .

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 a tigress evolved.

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Live life fully

Laugh a lot

Have fun!

Niagara Falls Rainbow

Hold onto your hats! This "Bio" really does include the 'Beach-Babe photos'!

 As promised, revealing beach photos are included!

Look at what you  take for  granted.

Notice what is around you.

 Pay attention . . .

 Look deeper . . .

 Flush things out.

 You never know !  You might want to  use it in your next  writing project!

  The Beginning

 Like a lot of writers,  my strong opinions always had somewhere reasonably safe to go .  . . onto paper.

Three  lifetimes are  not  enough  to  read  everything I'd  like.

 A soul-stirring interlude with the best  playmate ever.


I've boated beside whales in the Atlantic, canoed Ontario rivers, salmon fished in the Pacific, trout  fished in Rocky Mountain glacier  fed lakes, watched for Nessie in  Loch Ness, and sighed wistfully at  the Mediterranean. I've slid down  Austrian salt mines, toured  Bermuda caves and waves, and tasted the finest bratwurst in the world.  I've barely begun!  

I still travel, learn, and love.

  Here they are at  last . . .
the promised . . .
the awesome . . .
the thrilling . . .
beach-babe's photos!

# 1. Bermuda rays:

Catching   Bermuda Rays

 #2. Spain:
sand walking in Spain

 Passions & Beliefs

Loyalty and respect.

Natural wonders.  

Creativity, although I'm not sure if I equate Jimmy Smits or Val Kilmer with only their immense creativity.

Animal welfare.

It's important to leave good in  your wake.  We need to play, love, and learn as much as we can.  During the brief moment that we are here, our job is to  make the absolute best of life.

We teach by example.  

Love, do good deeds daily, spread kindness, and make a positive difference.  


From writing letters to loved ones, to numerous editing projects,  book reviews, web site reviews, online articles, tutoring, technical  writing and program design, to newsletter and brochure writing,  article and opinion pieces, and writing student, I participate.

I continue to learn more about the art of writing.

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