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 A Country  Rock  band  worked ' Keep Dreaming '  into  a song.   No,  the band is not  famous .  . .  yet!
They played on a  national music  awards  show.

Other  than  the orchid,  the  photos  are of Peggy's  Cove,
Nova Scotia.


 Notice, the poem
Ancient Warriors'
is roughly the shape of an arrowhead

  Small Miracles take place in all of us.  We have to  hear them.


Beautiful orchid photo courtesy of   http://www.carsonbarnesorchids.com

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changing seasons

  Keep Dreaming   audio

When you think you have it  
in your hand
Keep dreaming.  
When it's going better  
than you planned  
Keep dreaming.  
No matter how  
things may look now  
They won't and cannot  
stay the same  
So stay ahead of every game  
By dreaming.  
Keep on dreaming.  
Just when you think  
you've got it made  
Keep dreaming.  
When it's the best  
you've ever played  
Keep dreaming.  
Time's not always on our side  
Many think so, yet all do die.  
So be ahead of all the games  
By dreaming.  
Keep on dreaming.
. .


  Small Miracle   audio

when I'm complacently
resting on my laurels,
a dream is interjected
into my not-so-subconscious,
often not too subtly
giving me the awakening
that I needed


  Superlatives   audio changing seasons

Shall we
capture heady moment
some superlatives of life
a sip of heartfelt romance
a dab of sweet and nice
the taste of salt on someone's skin
a whisper in an ear
the scent of love, a baby's laugh
a sparkling angel's tear.
A brilliant smile in lovely eyes
a sprinkle of some hugs
warm afternoons, a cuddly night
the mist of eastern fogs.
Package heady moments
the superlatives of life
a secret vault to draw upon
to smother fires of strife.

  Ponder   audio

I wanted you to know
While I sit here by the shore
And ponder this and that
About my life
As I gaze out at the waves
There is nothing I would change
Good was good
but so was bad
Such is life.
Sometimes I think and smile
At the past
Oh, so worthwhile!
Life was hard
What great is not?
Such is life.
I just wanted you to know
As I meander down this shore
Your magic presence
made the difference
to this life.

  Ancient Warriors (version 1)  audio

 Ancient warriors strong and proud  
Do their tribal dance inside our
Primitive chants from simpler  times  
Transfer forward from the dead.   
Living conduits of days gone by   
Souls bursting while they travel  
Slash the inevitable future  
Trawling epoxied past.  
Primal rhythms beat  
within breasts  
Eyes closed,  


Beautiful Peggy's Cove

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