Sienna's Falling In Love

Poetry by Sienna V
(with audio)

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THE Man is my special favourite.

angels exist everywhere

We have various concepts of ideal love.  To realize  it, choose to have it, and to take the chance that you may lose it is a gamble  that some, sadly, aren't  willing to risk.

note: to see it "walk away" could  even mean death.

  THE Man   audio  

A man wrote her poetry
ointment of compassion  
bandaged her wounds
Laughter, love, longing,
monumental desire
tenderly dissolved  
jagged magenta scars.
Woven with flame red  
threads of passion  
his gentle heart
cloaked her soul.
Love's sweet completion  
damned her
sentenced her
to trust
try once more.
She poised unsteadily  
closed her eyes,
teetered . . .
 . . . dove.

  Ideal Love  audio

To finally live the bliss of perfect love,
To at last experience your total merging
With the soul and body of another,
To feel completion . . .
To breathe life's joy from the breath of another,
To bathe in their spirit, swim in their scent,
For however long, however uncertain,
To take the chance . . .
To have passionate thoughts of that most beautiful one
Make your heart cry out, your soul sing with delight,
Have your being ache with simple joy,
To have it all . . .
To see it walk away, repeal the spell,
To leave the gift of faith in their love for you,
Wherever they are, whatever they do,
For all time . . .
To endure forever after, behind misty-eyed smiles,
The sweet soulful agony
Of having once lived your ideal love

 Truly, Madly, Deeply audio

Know   audio
She'd rather dream
with you
than dream
of you.

  Tenderness   audio

speaks mountains
desert winds
kindly kiss
deep valleys
hidden crevices
ragged edges


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