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Meghan Gray-Leckrone

Wooster, OH 44691
United States

The inevitable list of links

Absinthe and Old Lace: My business URL-- costumes and custom clothes
Wisconsin Community theater: cool stuff for theater buffs
WKSU's home page: THE ARTS!
Cat Fancy On-line: Cool stuff about gods... I mean, cats...
ecolor natural dyes: colors from renewable resources
The College of Wooster: My alma mater
Pagan Community Council of Ohio: alternative religion
Queer Information: GLBT information. Very comprehensive page.
USA Online: On-line Yellow Pages
AAA Ohio: Ohio on-line; find other Ohio sites
The DC Blues Society: Where to go for the best Blues music in my home town.
Kitty Korner: Sandra/Cory/Pearl's home page. Lots of pix of REALLY cute cats.

This page is dedicated to my CATS and to all my other interests. Among those interests, as you can see by the inevitable list of links to the left, are costuming, theater, and the arts. I also enjoy roleplay, children, crafts, thrifting and antiquing, and a host of others I could name but won't, in the interest of not losing my audience. If you also like roleplay, you'll be interested to know that here in Wooster we have a fairly good sized and very well run Vampire LARP.

Romulus    and    Remus    Are    the    Greatest

Well, I seem to be succumbing to that kitty mind control again. Romulus and Remus are CUTE... Romulus and Remus deserve TREATS... oh, wait...

Rom and Remus are my cats. They are two toms who were born together and went to the pound together. My husband Avery and I adopted them two years ago, and our lives have never been the same since. GO TO THE POUND AND GET A CAT... GO TO THE POUND AND GET TWO CATS... GO TO THE POUND AND... dang. There it goes again.

At any rate. I promply named them from some Roman mythology and began to rethink my ideas on three-dimensional space. Who says the bottom is the only place to walk?

Rom and Remus think it's great when I cook. They hope I will drop something and always make it a point to follow me into the kitchen.

Rom and Remus are of the opinion that there should be no such thing as children. Eventually, there will be pictures on this site of Rom, Remus, and Archimedes as well as of my two honorary nephews, Stephan and Nathan.

The Troops will not be getting any chicks in this life because they are neutered. Please spay or neuter your pet.

Archimedes    is    Great    Too

We have just brought home a third cat, Archimedes. He came to us through fate.

Leave Your Paw Print in our Guest Book
(This goes for d*gs too.)

Enviro$en$e Pamphlet on Household Toxics: This is a site EVERYONE with kids or pets should read. It lists non-toxic substitutes for many household toxics, as well as some cancer causing products you may have thought were perfectly harmless!

Red Cross Disaster Information: This is another one that anyone with kids or pets should read. Detailed information about how to formulate a disaster plan for your family and your pets in the event of an evacuation. Red Cross Emergency shelters DO NOT ACCEPT PETS, so having a plan could be very important!

Zeocrystal Petchat: Should actually be called "Cat Chat." Also, use the link on this page to check out Zeo's non-toxic, enviroment-friendly odor control products!

Herbal Medicine For Pets: Sorry, no web site, just regular old contact info. I met and spoke to this woman. I also observed her discussing kitty and puppy problems with her customers, so I feel comfortable recommending her expertise. Her name is Sally Holliday, and her business is called Holliday Ways, ph (517)349-3879.

She also works out of the Triple Goddess Bookstore, which is located at
2142 Hamilton Rd
Okemos, MI. (Sorry, no zip code listed.)
Triple Goddess' phone number is (517)347-2112.

Hope she can help you out.

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