Supertest Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
 Monthly Feature       December  2002

The Highways of Ontario
Price 50 Cents

   It is with pleasure that Supertest Petroleum Corporation , Limited, presents the
"Highways of Ontario" to its motorist friends.
   In this combination Road Map and Travellers' Guide it has been our endeavor to include only
pertinent, accurate information and to avoid the useless and superfluous. We have tried to prepare
a motoring aid from the motorist's point of view; one that will be dependable for its size and form.
To gather the material included herein, Supertest representatives personally toured every King's
Highway in Ontario. Each of the hotels and restaurants listed is individually known to and recom-
mended by Supertest.
   One of the most familiar symbols on the vast system of King's Highways is that of
Supertest Service --- the distinctive name: This name signifies two things:
                                       (1) Highest quality petroleum products ;
                                       (2) service based upon advanced ideas.
   Supertest men are trained men , keen, courteous and intelligent. Integrity and reliability are their principles. They are taught to give Supertest Service in a cheerful, efficent, self-respecting fashion.
   The sprit in which they work functions throughout the entire Supertest organization, and has been
the cornerstone upon which years of continual growth have been built.
   It is our sincere hope that "The Highways of Ontario " and Supertest Service will make motoring
for you more of the real pleasure it should be.

Yours for Service


The above text has been borrowed, with thanks, from the inside front
cover of the 40 page booklet, published in 1933, and shown on this page .
It represents Supertest's first road map , a relatively new form of advertising.
This book measures approximately 4 3/4" X 8" and was printed by
Reid Bros. Ltd, London , Ontario
-- price 50 cents --

Back cover

See what was inside

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City Maps
 Supertest Tourist Service

I would like to acknowledge all the assistance I received with this feature
Special Thanks to:
Bob Walker
Alan McKinney
Cameron Bevers

 Cameron has a website dedicated to the history of The Kings Highways of Ontario.
He will soon include a list of dated clues, relating to highway developments and improvements that
will assist everyone in dating Ontario road maps, as well as other Ontario Highway history and trivia

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