So, you're taking a trip !
Supertest Tourist Service


Here is a nice little booklet given out to promote short "Motor Trips" within Canada.
The booklet comprises 36 pages, including the covers, and describes 25 Motor Trips
within Ontario and Quebec. At the end of the description of each destination, is this
 phrase :For a "Super" Trip, fill up with Supertest Double Checked" gasoline.
And:  Ask your Supertest Dealer for FREE "Super" Trip Road Map.
I'm not familiar with the term Supertest Double Checked gasoline.
I can't  give an exact date but there are a few clues provided . First may be the
back page ad for High Compression and  Wonder gasolines. Second as from a des-
cription inside, of a trip to the parliment buildings where you can see the Book of
Remembrance , containing the names of 60,000 heroes who gave their lives in
World War 1. The fact that they called it WW1  leads me to believe WW2 had
 already occurred. Before that, it had been referred to as " The Great War" .
Can any reader enlighten me, or date this booklet based on these clues ? .... Thanks !

This scan shows examples of two "Motor Trips"


Front and rear view of a postcard  , given out by dealers, to customers planning a trip.
Since the logo has a green outline arround the Maple Leaf , it would date before 1959.
Customers simply filled out their home , destination and route and  mailed it to:
Supertest Tourist Service
P.O. Box 515
London , Ontario
 Soon after, a detailed explanation and route maps would arrive at their home.

 This is an example of what they would receive in response . This envelope , dated 1965 ,
is addressed to friend and fellow collector, Bob Walker, then living in Moscow, Ontario.
Also included was the letter shown below and 4 roadmaps; a 1965 Ontario Supertest,
 a Husky Western Canada, as well as two Sinclair maps of western American states.
The recommended route was laid out with marker directly onto the maps.
 It proved to be the perfect avenue to remind the recipient , that obtaining a Supertest
Chargit Card and service at a Supertest station was an excellent idea before departing.
Supertest Petroleum Corp.  Their best wishes for a safe and happy journey were included.
Thanks Bob !


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 Supertest Tourist Service

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