Supertest Road Maps
                 ......the 50's

1950                  1951                  1952                    1953                 1954

  From 1947 to 1957 , maps were published with Ontario on one side and Quebec on the
   other. Beginning with 1958, individual maps for Ontario and Quebec were again available.
By 1954 maps were designed, compiled and reproduced by Rolph-Clark-Stone, Ltd.,
 Toronto and  dates were located in the lower right border.

1955                 1956                  1957                 1958                   1959

Beginning in 1956 , the "SUPERTEST" script on the logo changed from
black letters to white, and they were enlarged so that the ends of the word
 "SUPERTEST" now extended beyond the edges of the maple leaf.
Some of the detail of the leaf edge and veins inside the maple leaf
 disappeared. The outside ring of the logo was no longer orange.
I believe this logo was used only during 1956, '57, and '58, before being
replaced with the "new" logo in 1959 , when all  the green was
removed as well as most of the detail on the maple leaf tips .
The scroll-work "Canada's All-Canadian Company" was
replaced with simply "All Canadian" in block script letters.
Beginning in 1959 Supertest maps were produced by
The H.M. Gousha Company and dates appear in the legend box.

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