Supertest Road Maps
                ......the 40's

 1940                 1941

"Fears, excitement, rationing, shortages" ........... suffice it to say accurate
dating of road maps was far from the utmost concern during the 40's
Its proven very difficult to accurately date the wartime era road maps.
While both of the maps shown above are marked '40 in the lower right corner, the map
 on the right has several updates and revisions. While it looks very much like the 1938,
 it shows the QEW extending all the way to Fort Erie. Thus, I feel this would be 1941.
Wartime conservation efforts would have ceased publications during the war,
 therefore 1941 could actually  have been distributed in 1945 or even 1946.
    These maps were published by The Map Specialty Co., Toronto ,
and printed by Reid Bros., London , Ontario

1947              1948                 1949

Supertest  switched to a new map maker, The Copp Clark Co. of Toronto.
These maps were much more detailed and beginning in 1948 , publishing dates were added.
While not dated, I believe the map on the left to be a 1947 . When dates  first appeared on this
 series of maps , it was printed under the wording of  "Lake Erie".  Beginning in 1947  logos of
other companies appeared on the back panel, showing the interchange of credit card facilities.

1940 is the first year we have seen a Quebec map issued , but I feel there were probably earlier
versions as well . From 1947 to 1957 , maps were published with Ontario on one side and Quebec
 on the other. Beginning with 1958, individual maps for Ontario and Quebec were again available.

On the back cover of the 1940 (above) and 1941 maps , were cartoons by Jimmie Frise

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