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Critical Information Center
Counter Measures Division

There is no need to be afraid of or hate the a.r.s. thought police any more than other Scientology sympathizers, like the Free-zoners or the Brainwashing-Deniers. We can all work together, but it is still important to recognize differences and the fact that some among us are OSA or influenced by OSA in varying degree.

Free Zoners
Support the technology of Scientology
Brainwashing Deniers
Support the Brainwashing Policies of Scientology
Thought Police
Support the public condemnation of Scientology's enemies
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The HoaxThe Brainwashing Manual in actionDo you still picket with that sign that makes everybody think you're a Nazi?
Are counter-measures against brainwashing deniers "vilification"? The Pavlovian Swastika
Symbiotic relationship with OSA
Truth is Free
Trial by Fire
Kosher Scientology Swastika available
PREJUDICE: stock-in-trade of OSA

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