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  Ralph & Nancy B. (Moore) Cordle ~  Ralph Cordle was born May 21, 1843 in Lawrence County, KY and he died December 10, 1920 in Wilbur, Lawrence County, KY. . He was the son of William & Jane (Wheeler) Caudill / Cordle.   He married Nancy B. Moore on December 17, 1863, daughter of DAVID & Lucind (Ball) Moore. She was born April 12, 1847 in KY, and died November 24, 1920 in KY. Photo contributed by Tom Wagner.


 Richard Monterville Carter, 1872 ~ 1948.  Richard Monteville Carter, son of James William & Sarah Ann (Berry) Carter was born August 4, 1872 at Irad.  He married first Ella Hayes, daughter of William & Margaret (Carter) Hayes on May 19, 1893. They had five children.   Richard had four children with Mary Elizabeth Moore, daughter of George & Susan (Webb) Moore.  Richard married second to Gracie Greenwood Chaffin, daughter of Kenis Marion & Virginia (Wise Short) Chaffin, on June 8, 1905.  She and Richard had two children.  Richard married third to Florida Edmond, daughter of Albert Reese & Malinda A. (Leslie) Edmond, on July 14, 1908.  They had two children.  Richard married forth to Mattie Cooksey, daughter of Leander Corder & Sarah Elizabeth (Christian) Cooksey.  They had no children.  Richard married fifth to Minnie Crabtree around 1940/41.  They had two children. Richard died March 7, 1948 in Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio.   Photo contributed by Lennie Carter & information taken from The Carter Family ~ The Genealogy and Family History of the VIRGINIA CARTERS and their Migration to Lawrence County, Kentucky,  by Lennie M. Carter.

  Cooksey Family ~ Cooksey family in front of their home. Johnathan Cooksey was born on June 17, 1850, son of Andrew Jackson Cooksey and Maery Ann Wellman. He married Virginia Goens on May 6, 1883. She was born on March 8, 1841 in Wayne County, WVA, daughter of Alenander Goens and Mary Skidmore. Virginia  died July 21, 1932. Johnathan died on October 25, 1934. They had no children,  but they raised Elva Chaffin shown  in  photo. She was the daughter of Shade Raymond Chaffin and Mary Lou Murphy. Photo & information contributed by Lennie Carter.

  John Michael Caudill (Cordial/Cordle),  1829 ~ ? &  Mary Ann "Polly" Moore, 1845~abt 1912.   John Michael Caudill (Cordial/Cordle) was born in 1829.  He was the son of William Cordle and Jane Wheeler.  He married first to Jane "Jennie" McKinster about 1848.  From the Appalachia Crossroads, by Clayton Cox:  "John served in the Civil War as a Union Army Scout.  Per family tradition, during the war he was allowed to go home for three days due to illness of his wife. The first day he buried Jane, who died during childbirth. The second day he buried one of the twins of this birth, and the third day he buried the second twin. Then he left the other children with a relative (?sister) and he returned to war.

While still in the army, John married a second time in Lawrence County, Kentucky, April 18, 1863, to Mary "Polly" Moore, who died ca 1912. His daughter, Nancy, related to her granddaughter, Mrs. Nancy Bassett, that her father had twenty-five children by his two wifes, but several died young, and several times there were twins in the family. Sixteen of the children were by his second wife. John and Mary are buried on a hill between Cordell and Tarkiln, Kentucky."   Photo contributed by Tom Wagner & Cecil Aker.  Information from Appalachia Crossroads , by Clayton Cox with contributions from Mrs. Nancy Bassett.


William Caudill Family, Photo circa 1918.   Exact order is not certain.  This is Beverly's best guest.  If anyone can positively identify these folks, please let us know.   From left to right: Arizona "Zona" b. 1896, Dorthy b. 1907, Shelby b. 1911, Nancy b. 1905, William b. 1869, Sarah b. 1903, Amos b 1909, Shirley b. 1912, Zella b. 1898, Rita b. 1879, Atha b. 1899 and Ralph b. 1918.  Rita is the daughter of Jim & Sarah (Scarberry) Lemaster. Photo & information contributed by Beverly Whitney.

 Elizabeth (Hayes) Cordial,  1865 ~ 1942  &  George Washington Cordial, 1867~ 1936.   Elizabeth Hayes, daughter of Allen "Al" & Julia Frances (Carter) Hayes, was born November 25, 1865 in Little Blaine, Lawrence County, KY.  She married George Washington Cordial, son of John Michael & Mary A. "Polly" (Moore) Cordle,  on April 4, 1889 in Lawrence County.  Elizabeth died on June 14, 1942.  George was born March 13, 1867 in Brushley Fork of Big Blaine, Lawrence County, KY.  He died November 27, 1936 in Boyd County, KY.   George was a farmer.  Photo on the right was contributed by Theodore B. Walter & information contributed by Joanne Elliott. Photo on the left was contributed by ??? (Sorry, lost due to a PC Crash.  If you will email me, I will post proper credit.)


 IDENTIFIED From Mystery Ancestors Posting. . . Derifield Thanks so much to Barbara Swank!  Barb reports that sitting left front is Sylvester Derifield; Sitting right front is Derascus Holbrook Derifield Standing behind is Isaac Monterville Derifield. These men are the sons of Thomas Derifield and his wife Mary A. (Holbrook) Derifield. Derascus served in the 14th Kentucky Infantry (Union Army) in the Civil War. Family story has Sylvester serving on the Confederate side. Isaac was too young to serve. Thomas and Mary also had 5 daughters. Derascus and family (with his parents and 1 sister) moved to Minnesota. Isaac and family moved to Washington State. Sylvester stayed in Lawrence Co., KY.

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