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  John Hayes Family.  Here is a picture that was taken about 1920-1922, left to right are Jesse Hayes 1906-1949, John Rice Hayes 1876-1922, Mary Jane Ramey Hayes, 1874-1960, Nora Ellen (Ella) Ramey Cordle, and Dorothy Lee Hayes Burton 1908-1986. Nora Ellen and Mary Jane were 1/2 sisters.   Photo & information contributed by Chuck Wallace.

 Robert & Permelia (Ramey) Travis.  Robert Travis, son of John and Issabelle "Ibby" Howard Travis, was born on November 24, 1832 in Floyd County, KY.  He married Permelia Ramey on February 23, 1859 in Lawrence County.  Permelia was born on June 3, 1839 to Owen and Savina Caldwell Remy.  Robert died June 8, 1908 Lawrence County and Permelia died February 19, 1916.  Photo contributed by Rick Travis.

 Jeremiah "Jerry" Buchanan "Buck" & Serena (Moore) Caudill & daughter, Laura. Buck is son of  John Michael Caudill/Cordle/Cordial and John's first wife, Jane "Jenny" Mc Kinster.  On some records she is listed as Jemima; probably a nickname.  After his first wife died when she had twins, John married Mary "Polly" Moore.  Jeremiah was always called Uncle Buck by everyone in the family  . . . and was known as Buck by others.  Photo contributed by Tom Wagner and information from Nancy Bassett.

  Allen Hayes.  Allen Hayes was born on August 9, 1845 in Charley, KY to Bazeal & Sarah  "Sally" Ann (Pack) Hayes.   He married Julia Carter, who was born July 2, 1845 in Irad, KY,  the daughter of Thomas and Catherine (Burton) Carter.  Allen Hayes was elected jailer of Lawrence County, KY on the Democratic ticket in 1906.  He won re-election in 1910.  He served until 1914 when he was defected for renomination.  Al Hayes was know for his fine horses that he kept and rode.  Al died on September 22, 1930 in Fort Gay, WV.  Julia died June 21, 1895. Al and Julia are buried in the family cemetery, back of their home place at Mattie, KY.   Photo contributed by Theodore Walter & information taken from The Hayes Family Book, by L. Thelma Chandler Walter & Theodore B. Walter.

  Daniel Sparks. This is a photograph of a painting of Daniel Sparks.  It was in the procession of Stella Sparks Creech.   Daniel Wilcox Sparks was born October 26,  1807 in Surrey County, NC, son of Thomas and Diana Wilcox Sparks. Daniel came to Lawrence County,  KY  from Lee County, VA with his parents and his brothers and sisters about 1822.  It was Floyd County,  KY then.  Daniel died in October 1900 . . . exact date not known , but according to his last living daughter Stella Sparks Creech, it was in October 1900 the month she was married.

Daniel married 1st...Sarah Jayne, daughter of William and Dorcus Jayne.  She was born ca 1812 in Floyd County, KY. She died June  27, 1854 in Lawrence County, KY.  Children:   Henry M Sparks b 11 Nov 1837 d 27 Apr 1923; Delila Sparks b ca 1837;   Elizabeth Sparks b ca 1840; Mahila Sparks b ca 1844;   Jehmeih Sparks b ca 1846; Rachel Sparks b ca 1847.

Daniel married 2nd  . . .Elander Cordial daughter of William and Jane Wheeler Cordial she was born ca 1827 in Lawrence County,  KY died October 15, 1881 Lawrence County, KY.  Children:   Julia Sparks b 30 May 1860 d 22 Jul 1914; Alfred Sparks b b ca 1860; Charlotta 'Lottie' Sparks b 4 May 1868 d 1910; Jeremiah Sparks b ca 1864.

Daniel married 3rd  . . Martha Hardy b ca 1855.  Children:   Pearl Sparks; Dora Sparks; Stella Sparks b 24 Dec 1882 d 1968; Ollie Sparks.

Daniel owned as much as 400 acres of land or more his farm was self sufficient.  They had to buy very little from the town. Evidence of where he mined coal for his house use is still there. He is buried on a high hill, on the arm,  in a Sparks' family cemetery which had at least 20 graves according to Marvin Sparks a descendant, who owns the farm now. Marvin said when he was younger he remembers the stones there and many he said were carved by Daniel himself and he even carved his own.  Since his father owned part of the land and lived near by,  it is believed he and his wife are buried there as well.  Photo & information contributed by Jim Ovendorf.

Daniel Sparks from a tintype in Jim Ovendorf's collection.  Photo & information contributed by Jim Ovendorf.

  Daniel Sparks' Home.  Daniel's house taken in the 1920's .  It is located near Marvin Sparks, but across the road and towards Blaine.  It is set about a mile north of the Hood Forks Baptist Church on the opposite side of the road. The person in the foreground is Henry Sparks, Daniel's 1st son, others not determined. The photo was in the possession of Marvin Sparks a grandson of Henry's. He lives in first house north of Hoods Fork Baptist church.  Photo & information contributed by Jim Ovendorf.


Jeremiah Cordial / Cordle.   Jeremiah was born May 3, 1824 and November 12, 1894.  He was ordained a baptist minister on March 3, 1859.  He practiced in mostly Hoods Fork, Blain and Brushy Baptist Churches.  Jeremiah was the first son of William 'Grandpa' Billy Cordle and his wife, Jane Wheeler Cordle.  It appears he was named after his grandfather, Jeremiah Caudill,  of Wilkes Co NC.  Spelling of Caudill name is what they commonly used during their lifetimes. Photo & information contributed by Jim Ovendorf.

 Martin VanBuren Dixon, Sr.  Martin VanBuren Dixon, Sr. was born November 15,  1839 in Floyd County, KY.  He married on March 3,  1860 in Paintsville, Johnson County, KY to Sarah Hayes (Born as Sarahan ~ Bible record and was also known as Angeline after marriage for middle name).  Martin died 24 December 24,  1912 in  Louisa, Lawrence County, KY.  Photo & information contributed by Linda Cook received from the Dixon Family Reunion.

 Martin VanBuren Dixon, Jr.  Martin VanBuren Dixon, Jr. was born January 14,  1869 in Wilbur, Lawrence County , KY. .   He married on August 13, 1887  in Louisa, Lawrence County, KY to Mary Jane France/Francis.  Martin died on March 28, 1956 in Wilbur,  Lawrence County, KY.  Photo contributed by Linda Cook & information taken from "The HAYES FAMILY" By: Walter & Walter.

  Arbie Alfred & Tom Cordle  Arbie Alfred Cordle was born December 1, 1898 in Winifred, Johnson County, KY, and died September 16, 1967 in Lawrence County, KY.   He was the son of Greenville Cordle and Corina Wheeler.  He married Ann Lykins May 17, 1917.     Thomas Cordle was born August 29, 1901 in Blaine, Lawrence County, KY, and died June 27, 1972.  He was the son of George Cordial and Elizabeth Hayes. He married Teria  Lyons September 3, 1921 in Catlettsburg, KY.  Photo circa 1914.  Photo contributed by Charlene Malone.

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