Lawrence County, Kentucky Ancestor Photos

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  Smokey Valley School, Lawrence County, KY, Circa 1922.   This school was located on the Joe Cyrus farm about 3 miles southwest of Louisa..

Sheridan Cyrus - Left side of photo, kneeling, white shirt, left hand on chin;  Roberta Cyrus - Very front row, 2nd child from right, sitting, white dress;  Estee Hay & Lestee Hay & Ms. Meade - Third row just left of center, twins Estee & Lestee have matching plaid dresses.  Ms. Meade, teacher at Smokey Valley School, is just in front of Lestee in a dark dress;  Dorothy Cyrus (?) - 2nd row, 6th from right, dress with a matching jacket, hands together in her lap;  Irene & Frank Cyrus - 3rd row right of center, white trim borders the collar, waist and sleeves of Irene's dress.  Frank is in a suit and tie;  Lucy Cyrus - 3rd row, 6th from the right in a plaid dress.  There is girl between Frank & Lucy;   Raymond Cyrus - Back row, in front of the right window, wearing a suit and tie.  These Cyrus's are the children of Joseph Morgan & Sarah (Hayes) Cyrus.   Photo & information contributed by Jeff Dixon & Mrs. Dixon.

  Francis (Baisden)  & Bennett Cox , Sr. , 1813  ~ 1894.   Frances Baisden was the daughter of Edward Baisden and Susannah Branham.  She married Bennett Cox on May 26, 1850.  Bennett, the son of Floury Cox and Elizabeth Wellman, was born September 9,1813.  Bennett and Frances lived in Lawrence County, KY.  In addition to the children from Bennett's prior marriage to Sallie Sheckels in 1834, they had ten children.  Bennet Cox died on June 12,1894.  Photo & information contributed by Carleen Shuster.


Francis "Sissie" (Cox) Gibson, 1892 ~ Abt. 1987.    Frances "Sissie" Cox was born October3,1892.  Sissie was the daughter of Bennett Cox, Jr. and Rebecca Ann Shannon.  She married Will Gibson on  November 16, 1912 in Lawrence Co, KY.  Sissie and Will owned a farm at Lick Creek in Louisa. There they raised their 5 children:  Raymond Harrison, Hazel G. Blackburn, Cladis Bennett, Charles William "Bill", and Shirley G. Bevins Preece.  A daughter, Christal, died as an infant.  Sissie died on September 18, 1987.  Photo & information contributed by Carleen Shuster.


John Hayes Family.   Early photo of the home built by John Hayes at Charley.  He and his wife , Elizabeth, are standing at the front door.  Photo & information contributed by Theodore B. Walter.


Mary Jane (Ramey) Hayes, 1874 ~ 1960 &  Mary Jane (Salyers) Ramey,  1859 ~ 1936.   Mary Jane Ramey, daughter of Henry Clay & Julia Ann (Thompson) Ramey, was born March 2, 1874 in Adams.  On May 3, 1896, she married John Rice Hayes, son of William and Margaret (Carter) Hayes. Mary Jane died August 3, 1960 in Adams.  She is buried in the John Rice Hayes Cemetery, Adams.  Mary Jane Salyers,  second wife of Henry Clay Ramey, was born March 4, 1859.  She married Henry on March 29, 1879.  Mary Jane died on June 8, 1936.    Photo & information contributed by Chuck Wallace.

  Anderson Lewis, 1862 ~ 1951 & Mary Jane (Moore) Jordan,  1865 ~ 1952.   Anderson was born 1862 in Louisa, Lawrence County, KY.  He was the son of Jeremiah and Fanny (Moore) Jordan.   Anderson married in 1883 to Mary Jane Moore, who was born in 1865.   Mary Jane was the daughter of Elisha & Eliza (Jordan) Moore.  Eliza was the aunt of Jeremiah, James was the uncle of Fanny.  Anderson died in 1951 and Mary Jane died in 1952.  They are buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery, Mechanicsburg, OH.  Photo & information contributed by Beverly Whitney.

M. & P. Church.  This photo was titled, "M. & P. Church."  This photo is of my grandparents, on my moms side. Oscar and Polly Cordial Church. She is the daughter of George Washington Cordial and Elizabeth Hayes Cordial. He is son of: Patrick and Elizabeth Hannah Church. Information contributed by Helen Hollan.


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