Lawrence County, Kentucky Ancestor Photos

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Clifford, 1892 ~ 1972 & Thursa Estelle (Lester), 1897 ~ 1974, Sharp seated & Rebecca Artha Lester, 1904 ~ 1959 standing.    Thursa Estelle Lester was born November 10, 1897 in Lawrence County , KY.  Her sister, Rebecca Artha Lester, was born October 12, 1904 in Pocahontas County, WV.  They were the daughters of David Lantford & Nancy R. (Cordial) Lester.  Thursa married Clifford Sharp and Rebecca married Otis Moyer.  Thursa died on April 27, 1974 in Marlington, WV and is buried in the Sharp Cemetery, Marlington, WV.  Rebecca died on March 30, 1959 in Nicholas County, WV.  Photo contributed by Tom Wagner & information by Cecil Akers.


Carter & Spillman - Lennie Carter, Sr. , Luke Carter (his first cousin), and Willie Spillman. Lennie is the son of George and Livenia Kitchen Carter. Luke is the son of Kay and Lottie Wilkes Carter. Willie is the son of James Wylie and Victoria Berry Spillman.  Photo and information contributed by Lennie Carter.


Delilah (Hayes) Travis, 1835 ~ Abt. 1915.    Delilah "Lilah" Hayes, daughter of Bazeal "Zeal"  & Sarah "Sally" Ann (Pack) Hayes  was born March 2, 1835 in Charley, Lawrence County, KY.  She married Greenville Travis, son of John  & Issabelle "Ibby" (Howard) Travis on June 21, 1851 in Lawrence County .  Delilah died about 1915.  Photo contributed by Theodore B. Walter & information contributed by Joanne Elliott.


Dock Travis 1866 ~ 1936.  Richard "Dock" Travis, son of Greenville & Delilah "Lilah" (Hayes) Travis, was born August 1866 in Wilbur, KY, and died October 7, 1936 at his son's home (Milton Travis) in Springfield, Clark County, OH.  He married Sarah A. Pack, daughter of Allen  "Al" & Perlina (Chandler) Pack, on November 25, 1885 in Johnson County, KY.  After Sarah's death, he married Arminta "Mintie"  Preston on  November 07, 1896 in Paintsville, Johnson County, KY.  Doc was a farmer and a blacksmith in Lawrence County.  He is buried in the Travis Cemetery in Wilbur, KY.  Photo of an older Dock.  Photo of Dock's Family.  See Photo contributed by Theodore B. Walter & information contributed by Joanne Elliott.


Earline,  Homer & Charles Cordle (Baby). Circa 1926 - Three of the nine children of Arbie Alfred and Ann (Lykins) Cordle.  They are Gladys "Earline" Cordle, Homer J. Cordle and Charles Alfred Cordle; b. June 24, 1926, Ashland, Boyd County, KY; m. Cleora Marie Myers, December 1, 1946, Ashville, Pickaway County, OH.   Photo contributed by Charlene Malone.


Cordle Family - Circa late 1930's Group Photo on Cordle's porch ~ Back Row  . . . Left to Right:  (Gladys) Earline Cordle, d/o (Arbie) Alfred  & Ann `(Lykins) Cordle;  Dorothy Cordle, d/o (Arthur) Monroe  & Mattie (Mayes~ Last name by first husband) Cordle;  (Cora) Deloris Cordle, d/o (Lowdy) Milton Cordle & Edith (Diller) Cordle;  (Eva) Marie Cordle, d/o (Arbie) Alfred Cordle & Ann Lykins; Ann (Lykins) Cordle, w/o (Arbie) Alfred Cordle & d/o John Will & Almarinda (Sargent) Lykins;  Emma (Tripplet) Cordle, w/o (Martin Loranzie) Ranzie Cordle; Nancy Lee (Cordle) Cordle, w/o Ora Cordle & d/o William Cordle;  Emmajean Cordle, d/o Ora Cordle & Nancy Lee Cordle;  Edith (Diller) Cordle, w/o (Lowdy) Milton Cordle;  N. Nollie (Cordle) Fultz, d/o Greenville (Preacher Green) Cordle;  Corinna (Cora Wheeler) Cordle, w/o Greenville (Preacher Green) Cordle;  Molly Cordle, distant cousin of (Arbie) Alfred Cordle Familiy.

Front Row . . . Left to Right:  Homer J. Caudill, s/o  Alfred & Ann (Lykins) Cordle;  (Arbie) Alfred Cordle, s/o Greenville (Preacher Green) Cordle & Corinna (Cora) Wheeler;  Geneva Mae Cordle, d/o (Arbie) Alfred & Ann (Lykins) Cordle;  Ranzie Cordle; Virgil Ray Cordle; Cora Mae Cordle, Ora Cordle, Milton Cordle; (Carl) Denver Cordle; Arthur Gene Cordle; Charles Alfred Cordle; Greenville (Preacher Green Cordle; Greenville Jay Cordle; (Arthur) Monroe Cordle; Martin Wheeler, b/o Corinna (Wheeler) Cordle - s/o Franklin Pierce & Louisa (Salyer) Wheeler.    Photo & information contributed by Charlene Cordle Malone.

  Greenville Travis  Abt. 1830 ~ Bef. March, 1891.  Greenville Travis, son of John  & Issabelle "Ibby" (Howard) Travis, was born about 1830 in Floyd County, KY.  He married Delilah "Lilah" Hayes, daughter of Bazeal "Zeal"  & Sarah "Sally" Ann (Pack) Hayes in Lawrence County on June 21, 1851. He served in the Civil War Home Unit ~ Company K ~ 68 Kentucky Militia.   Greenville died before March 16, 1891 in Lawrence County, KY.  He is buried in the Travis Cemetery in Wilbur, KY Per Theodore B. Walter- Lexington, KY, "Uncle Green was a Cherokee Indian. He looked like an Indian." Photo contributed by Theodore B. Walter & information contributed by Joanne Elliott.


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