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Welcome to the Genealogy Infocenter.

The Genealogy Infocenter is your link to genealogy-related newsgroups and their associated FAQs.

These pages will include:

This page is currently under construction. Please visit often for updates!

Other sites of interest.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: The Official LDS Church site, includes some 'getting started' info for Family History.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Links on the Internet: Now with a new personal domain name! The largest known link site for genealogy on the Internet, with over 26,600 links!
Genealogy801 Free Email: Free web-based email, just for genealogy and genealogists.
Deja News, The Discussion Network.: Now featuring free member forums, spam-free web-based email, and over 50,000 Usenet and other discussion groups.
Everton's Online Search : Large pay database site with many free features also, from the fols at Everton's Genealogical Helper.
KBYU-FM 89.1 Provo, Classical Music Radio.: Listen to Classical Music, the music of genealogy, while surfing the 'Net. You need RealAudio to listen.
LDS Radio Network: Another RealAudio site, for LDS Members and anyone interested in the LDS Church, with Music, Conferences, Devotionals, Lectures, and more. 24 Hours a day.
KSL Radio 1160/KSL-TV 5 Salt Lake City : A useful RealAudio site and page that could by useful if you are coming to Salt Lake. I-15 construction info is here so you can avoid the hassle. Includes webcams.
Internet International Genealogy Society: A new world-wide genealogy organization. Watch for my FamilySearch class to be posted at the 'IIGS University' link.
'Family Tree Maker': This site, the online home of Family Tree Maker, also has some useful searching pages that might lead you to some ancestors. Includes an online version of its CD-ROM index of its CDs and more.
Rominger Legal's free legal research pages.: A free site to codes, case law, etc. May be useful in finding old info as well as current statutes that affect genealogists in the US. Usenet and Mailing List Archive. Similar to Deja News except that mailing lists are archived here also. You can even request they add your favorite lists!
Rootsweb.: Very large and well-known site for genealogy on the internet. Mailing lists, files, and alot more.
Heritage Quest: Tons of pages and data at this site that was once known as AGLL.
Ancestry: Very large pay site containing hundreds of databases exclusive to that site.
GenForum (Genealogy) : Significant new genealogy forum, said to have 10,000+ genealogy forums online at present.

James Anderson

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