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Hello, this is Jeff Lacroix again,
This is a list of entertainment sites which I think are fairly cool.
If you know of any more good sites, see my information page.
I hope you enjoy using my help pages.

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Some Entertainment Sites

100 Hot Sites ShowBiz: The Top 100 Show Business Sites.
All Movie Guide: More Than 131,000 Titles.
All Music Guide: Over 192,000 Albums 16,000 Bio's
Billboard Online: News, updates, and Spotlight Reviews.
Bingo Zone: Free Online Bingo, With Real Checks.
CD Now: Listen Before You Buy.
Coming Attractions: List Of New Movies To Come
E! Online: Hot Spots, Gossip and A Lot More.
GEMM Music Store: Buy Musuc Titles Here.
InterJuke: Listen To Music.
Internet Plaza: Over 100 Different Shopping Areas.
Movie Link: Find Out Whats Playing And Where.
Star Trek Continuum: Microsoft Internet Explorer Only.
Unsolved Mysteries: Missing, Wanted People And More.
Cybertown: Explore A Whole Virtual City.
Wireless Postcard Page:
Calvin And Hobbes: Many Links To Calvin And Hobbes.
The Character Shop: Find out how movie special effects were done.
Internet Bookshop: Database of over 900,000 book listings.
Mayberry, My Home Town: About "The Andy Griffith Show" and the song too.
Nick At Nite: A large list of graphics, sounds and good stuff.
Sci-Fi Channel: If you like the channel, you'll like this site.
The Final Frontier: New Star Trek Stuff.
The Hartz Realm: A Collection of horror and Sci-Fi links.
Star Trek Links: Links, stories and more.
Star Trek, X-Files, & Area 51: Star Trek, X-Files, and Area 51 pics and sounds.
Quirked: 3D weekly web comic strip.
The Spawn Fan Page: Filled with spawn pics and info.
General Chat: Chat room for all - No downloading
Alamak Internet Chat: A popular chat site.
Family Entertainment Guide: A guide to great family fun.
Movie Net: An online movie guide.
Audionet: Live broadcasts from around the country. and a CD jukebox 900 albums.
Comedy Central: The funniest TV content around.
Mr. Cranky Rates The Movies: He's a bit negative, but funny.
Mungo Park: Very high tech, trip around the world to far places.
NASA: Explore The Skies, Very large site.
The Onion: Funny, fake news stories.
Frank Sinatra WWW Page: Site devoted to Frank.
Whoosh!: Xena, news, gossip, and rumours about her and the show.
Simpsons, Eh?: About the times the show refers to Canada, or Canadians.
History Television: About the new Canadian channel.
Family Channel Canada: The new Canadian channel.
Teletoon: Canadas' new cartoon channel.
SPACE: The Imagination Station: Canadas' new science and paranormal station.
American Ballet Theater: Dates, tickets, and theaters, so sound, or movie clips.
American Movie Classics Studios: About all the classic movies.
CineMedia: Over 7000 hyperlinks to radio, TV, and film.
Coming Attractions: It lists movies that are rumoured to come.
CyberCinema: Great place to buy movie posters.
Drew's Scripts-O-Rama: Hyperlinks to movie and TV scripts.
Driveways Of The Rich And Famous: That's right driveways.
Film Zone: One of the best movie sites on the web. Need Shockwave.
Fun.Com: Horoscopes, Tarot card readings, movie previews and more.
Improv Page: About it, and its history.
InterLotto: Lottery info, facts, and data.
Hollywood Net: Advice about writing, directing, producing and more.
Jay's Comedy Club: Great jokes, stories and more.
Microsoft Cinemania: Product reviews, vidio clips, graphics and more.
Movie World: Another great movie review site.
New York City Ballet: All the small things, to the big things.
Oscar Mayer CyberCinema: Fun site for kids.
Paramount Pictures: Hyperlinks to all of Paramounts activities.
Pollstar- The Concert Hotwire: Search by artist, city, and venue.
CinemaCrawler: A Cinema search engine.
Video Game Review: Review all the best games.

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