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Lacroix's Computer Links

Hello, this is Jeff Lacroix again. Here are a few links to some good
computer sites.If you know of any more good sites, see my Information page.

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List Of Computer Links

PC Parts Page: Online Parts Store.
Apple Computer: Apple Computers, Info and facts.
Aztech Labs Inc.:
Corel Corp.: Popular Software Online.
Cyrix Corp.: Computer Company
Dell Computers:
Digital Equipment Corp.:
Gateway 2000:
IBM: Well, the name says it all.
Intel Corp.: Information, and new product guide.
Logitech Inc.:
Microsoft Corp.:
Netscape: Have you gotten the newest version yet?
Novell Inc.:
Packard Bell:
Sound Tools: Sound players, converters, an editors for many platforms.
Uninstall Tools: 7 utility programs to help you get rid of those un-needed files.
A Beginner's Guide To Effective E-Mail: Advice on sending better E-Mail.
Guide To Cyberspace: Questions and answers about the World Wide Web.
Build Your Own PC: How to build your own computer.
MacCentral Home Page: Lots of Mac software here.
Curt's High Speed Modem Page: Information about modem speed.
USA Flex: Computer store online.
Micro Warehouse: Blowout Prices on leading products.
Insight Computers: americas discount source for computers.
Big City Express: Shop Online
Computer Discount Warehouse: Three reason to shop, price, advice, and service.
World Wide Technologies: Memory, motherboards and hard drives.
Tiger Direct: Lowest prices...every product...every day.
Micro Outlet: Premium performance and affordability.
Bason : Hard drive Warehouse
Page Computer: Online Computer shopping.
NetBuyer Marketplace: Many places and adds galore.
Electrified Discounters: Prices so low, There Electrified.
Yorkshire Computers: Big Systems Low Prices
DataTek: Your #1 Low price computer source.
Rock Hill Computer: We're nice because we eat rice.
BotSpot: The BotSpot is devoted to everything bot-related.
Browser Watch: Browser Watch is on hand to keep track of the latest and best
browsers, plug-ins, and ActiveX controls.
Cisco Systems: Online catalog crowded with great products.
C/NET: A lot of Information on computing, and search through over 190,000 shareware titles.
Developer.Com: Covers internet related resources like Gamelan Java, ActiveX, and JavaScript.
56K.Com: The good and the bad about 56K modems.
Gamelan: Interested in Java.
The HTML Station: Information about programming html code.

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