Jennifer Rutherford's Extremely Halfassed Home Page

"here you have another version of a homepage. always updating, and for what? "ooo, i know html, let me tell everyone what i just had for lunch."

for the time being, a homepage is a nice little status symbol, a notch on one's bedpost indicitive of the fact that you relish all the conviences of modern living. a home page is a little flag waving in the wind representing a certain time and space all your own. yet it's somehow so much more mundane and base than that, and it's a shame that more people don't recognize that."
-from vitameatavegimin

Me and Other People's Pictures, Some Of Which Are Rather Humiliating And I'm Amazed They Let Me Put Them Up on the Web
Pictures from a party in March 1999.
And some more pictures from my 21st birthday party..
Pictures from my trip to Hawaii in September
Warning: Monstrously huge:
Attack of the Portrait Studio

Somewhat Creative Stuff I Did:

little ms. sweet and innocent: the weblog
The Bunnydance
The Bunny Hop
Color Variations and Altoids Box
Homework for a design class- the same fairy costume four different ways, and a redesigned Altoids tin.
JFK Jr. Poster
(Warning: huge) More design homework- we were supposed to create a poster on a social issue. You can kinda guess when I was assigned this...
Book Cover Front and Spine
Book Cover Back
(Even huger) Final class project- design a book cover having something to do with the human body.
Cape, top and skirt
I designed and printed this with butterflies and stars
The octopus- an outdoor sculpture
Loveline Drinking Game
TV Poetry
Generic Names
The Evil and Stupidity of Chain Letters
Aggies Hate Sac State
Confessions of a bike rebel
The inanity of commercials
Land of 1,000 Hairstyles

The Davis Living Section

Davis Fine and Not-So-Fine Dining Guide
The #ucd Drinking Game
The Davis Math Exam

Stuff I Didn't Write At All:

The San Francisco Math Exam
BAD Personal Ads
What Day Is It Today?
The JenRem Outing Report v.1.0
Fat Ol' Quote File
Page 1
Page 2

Tina the Troubled Teen

The Requisite Links Section, Like Anyone Really Cares, But You're Supposed To Put One Of These On A Homepage Anyway:

My Awards from The Corporation

There have been to see this page. Oh, come on, who cares how many friggin' people saw your page? Might as well call it, "There have been idiots to stumble onto this page." or "Congratulations, you are the person to admit to being a brain-dead moron." Unless you're getting money for it, does it really matter? No, wait, here's what I should put: "You are the person to be corrupted by my page." How's that?