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Welcome to my RR Page!

Road Rovers was a show which aired in WB's 1996-97 season. It featured a group of canines who were selected by the Master to help save the world from baddies.

Despite its respectiveness, however, the show got cancelled after only one season, even though its ratings were just as good than those of "Superman"... which got renewed. And personally, I think I can say for the rest of us in the show's fan community: "I don't get it." If you got any opinions on the cancellation or perhaps an idea of reviving the show, EMAIL them to me. You can also view the feedback here.

Big news: Krankor has decided to discontinue his site (probably the biggest there ever was). The link below has now changed to a link to's archive of the site.
Update: Krankor has re-opened the site... but it's only a mere shadow of its former self. Check it out here.
A fanart appeal: I've been mulling this idea all over, but I haven't gotten any bites yet. Basically, draw an interpretation of the following 2 descriptions, both lifted (mostly verbatim, but with some extra notes) from a now-defunct page for a fanfic series called "Road Rovers: Blue Team" (basically about a backup team for the Rovers):

* The Screaming Eagle
DESCRIPTION: THE MOBILE COMMAND BASE OF BLUE TEAM. The S.E. (Screaming Eagle) is a large jet (half the size of the Road Rovers' Mission Control... making it quite huge) shaped like an eagle. It has the ability to dock with the RRMC for refueling, weapons reload, etc. It has 2 floors, one for official business, and the 2nd for living quarters. On the first floor is the lab, bridge, 6 transdogmafiers (the contraption that changes regular dogs into human form), a briefing room, cafeteria, infirmary, and many more. The bridge is a mix between that of the Enterprise-A's bridge, and the Enterprise-D's bridge. On the 2nd floor (lower floor) is the living quarters, rec room, and training area.
Weapons: The S.E. has the ability to launch missles from its chest area and wings and to fire lasers from its beak.

* Greta
In the context of the show, Greta was a Rottweiler owned by the main bad guy, Parvo, and was briefly love interest for a Rottweiler named Muzzle (who happened to be on the Rovers' side). In Blue Team, she becomes a Cano-Sapien (what the human-form dogs are sometimes called), although as a comic relief.
Physical Traits: Greta is a female Rottweiler with light brown fur. She has a pink bow around her neck and is seen usually wearing the basic Road Rover armor (except instead of blue, it's pink). (If you've seen the show, or at least been to any Rover fansites, you'll know what their armor looks like.)
Mental Traits: Greta's very self-centered. She thinks she's the center of the world. She can be really snooby sometimes, but deep down, she just wants a friend (it's corny, so sue me). Even though she's like this, she can always be counted on to come through in a pinch.

Once you've drawn your interpretations, just email your pics to me.

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