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  • Copyright 1998 by St. Paul's Episcopal Church, St. Joseph, Michigan.

      St. Paul's

    E p i s c o p a l     C h u r c h

    914 Lane Dr.           St. Joseph, MI              (616) 983 - 4761         Fax:  (616) 983-5682

    Parish Celebrations


    Let’s celebrate with Father Jason and Kristen as we await the arrival of Baby Fout in May. Everyone is invited to a pot luck lunch on Saturday, April 20th at 1 PM. There will be a sign up sheet in the hall next to Father Jason’s office. They are registered at: (at Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores),  ( or at Meijer, Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores.


    2 Joan Durren

    3 Janada Steffey

    4 Jack Kretchman

    6 Angela Schlaack, Kelley Steffey

    7 Craig Dangler

    11 Paula Durren, Sophie Christian

    13 Lisa Dangler

    16 Terry Stanard, Scot Lau

    18 Gene Durren

    19 Chipper Steffey V

    20 Dee Sykora, Jo Nichols, Louise Hawkins

    23 Tory Holmgren

    24 William Dobert, Abigail Steffey

    27 Karen Melody

    28 Bob Bender

    29 Karen Bond, Diane Davidson

    30 Father Jason Fout

    31 Joyce Miskill, Joyce Schaffer, Tim Andrews



    9 Chip and Janada Steffey

    19 Ed and Linda Mack

    30 David and Josephine Knox

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    The Rev. N. DeLiza Spangler, Rector

    The Rev. Jason A. Fout, Curate

    Susan Russell, Senior Warden

    Phil Coffin, Junior Warden