Ash: As all of you know, most e-mail links lead to a message mail or (reads paper closely) uhh I don't get this!
Brock: Here Ash let the master explain things.
Misty: Master of what?
Brock: Now, as most web sites go they don't have an e-mail page. But being this site is owned by all of us we felt the need you can e-mail us all!
Misty: (thinks) Well not exactly YOU Brock.
Ash: What's e-mail?
Misty: I'll explain it later.

Note:Due to the fact that we receive tons of e-mail a day and can't possibly reply to each and everyone, here's something to keep in mind when sending us e-mails:

1. Don't ask us a question that's already in the FAQ.

2. Don't send us any FWDs, no matter how touching the story is. Basically, not to be mean; but, we don't care if someone in Ugawhatevewhatever will get a rose for every time you send this FWD.

Without further ado, go ahead and e-mail us!

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Misty- 23519584
Note: Ash doesn't have ICQ so anyone claiming to be him isn't.

Ash- AshAAML
Brock- DaBrockoMan

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