Brock: Pokémon, the number 1 kids TV show!
Pikachu: Pika!
Misty: Welcome to the TV Show page, this page talks about the love story of me and Ashy Boy.
Ash: Ashy Boy? What kind of name is that?
Misty: My pet name hehe.
Brock: The love story of Ash and Misty that's on this page is 100% TRUE! These are facts that we've noticed, obviously, in the show that all lead to this. There are also some great facts about me and Nurse Joy...
Ash: You and Nurse Joy?
Misty: This is not your page, Brock!


Tv Show Hints
(All the obvious hints towards Ash and Misty's Love. Also includes hints from the movies.)

Tv Show Reasons
(Reasons as to WHY Misty and Ash can't be with anyone else)

Tv Show Vs Gameboy
(Controversies over the gameboy and TV show and reasons as to why they're NOT the same!)

Tv Show & Movie Reviews
(People's reviews on episodes and movies)

Before you leave this's something to consider about Ash and Misty's love that really don't fit anywhere else in the TV Show page, we just thought it would make a nice addition. :-)

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