Ash: Well guys...I've made my decision.
Misty: Really? You've decided to take me to that movie?
Ash: (bluntly) No...
Misty: (weird tear things go down her cheeks) Awww man!
Brock: What exactly ARE you talking about Ash?
Ash: I've decided to vote for Pokémon as the #1 kids show in the U.S.A!
Misty: Ash, it ALREADY is the #1 show.
Ash: Well waaa! Wait, when did that happen?
Brock: When you didn't notice. Any ways, welcome to the poll section of this site. We've come up with several questions and we'd like to know your answers.
Misty: So please take the polls and vote all ya want! Who knows how many people agree with you on an answer for a certain question.
Ash: (sarcastically) Why they would agree with YOU on anything is beyond me.
Misty: (grabs Ash by the collar) I dare you to repeat that!
Ash: Ehehe wa! Nothing!
Pikachu: (sweatdrop) Pikachu...pika.

Ash and Misty's Love Poll
Do you think Ash and Misty are a cute couple?

Current Results
When do you think Ash will repay Misty for her bike?
Never! Or else they'd have to depart!
He might...but Misty will still stay

Current Results 
What do you tell people when they tell you Misty and Brock should go together?
Absolutely no way!
Well it's better than Misty and Kenji
I really don't care
Misty and Brock all the way!

Current Results
Who do you think will try to kiss the other first? Ash or Misty?
Both of them?

Current Results
What do YOU think of the replacement of Brock? (Totally off the subject of Ash and Misty so sue me LOL)
He's the best!
He's ok
He sucks

Current Results
How would YOU like to see Ash and Misty finally confess their feelings for each other?
When Ash repays Misty's bike, and she declines because of her feelings.
Something drastic happens to either Ash or Misty...and because of their fear of losing them...they confess their feelings.
Something funny happens to the both of them that just makes them tell their feelings for one reason or another.
Ash looses a battle at the Jolt League...and needs condolence from Misty...and thereby letting them release their feelings.
It may sound cheesy, but maybe at a carnival they'll confess?

Current Results
Ok Ladies, how do you perceive ASH to be?
A true Tamahome
Just your average kid
Sometimes funny average kid
Really funny because he acts stupid on occasions
A real dingbat

Current Results
Ok guys, how do you perceive MISTY to be?
A hot anime babe!
Very sweet and gentle.
Very kawaii
She's ok.
Its not like I would date her.
ARE YOU CRAZY? What if I GET HIT by those Mallets?
She's too brutal.

Current Results
Which Pokémon Movie do you think is the best so far?
Mewtwo Strikes Back
Revelation Lugia
Lord of the Unknown Tower
Current Results
If Pokémon...the anime ended..what would you do?
Scream,wail, die
Be extremely upset
Nothing to cry over
It was good while it lasted
Wouldn't care
Jump for joy?
Current Results
What is your opinion of Toshihiro Ono's Pocket Monsters manga?
His manga is the coolest!
It was ok
Could've been better...
Hated it...
Whose Toshihiro Ono?
Current Results
Who do you think is more stupid, Kenji or Todd? (Sorry to those who are fans of these two but we'd like to know)
Current Results
What kind of Pokémon Fanfics do you like?
Realistic (As in exactly like the show)
Current Results

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