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Misty: Welcome to the page concerning my love for Ash.
Ash: And my love for Misty.
Brock: (quietly whispering) And my love for Nurse Joy...
Misty: (eyes narrow at Brock) We hope you enjoy your stay here. You might wonder why this site is up and wondering, what the heck? We aren't in love!
Misty: (whacks Brock) Quit your yapping BrocK!
Ash: Calm down Misty! Anyway we felt it was about time to unveil the secrets of Pokémon strategies!
Misty: (ticked off) POKÉMON STRATEGIES? ARRRRRRRGH!!! This is a site about our love! Not about Pokémon!
Ash: Well ummm...erm..ahahahahhaha
Pikachu: Pika....pikachu!
Togepi: Togi!

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