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Alien Abductions

What is an Alien Abduction?

Imagine yourself traveling home from work one night and your car engine suddenly dies. You pull over, get out to find what the trouble is, and suddenly find yourself bathed in a bright light. You look up and notice that a strange craft is hovering above you. The next moment you are in a room filled with several strange alien creatures These strange alien creatures are now physically examining you. You then lose consciousness. The next thing you remember is that your are standing back on the roadside beside your car. That is a reality for some people who believe they were abducted by aliens.  Yes everybody they tell think that they are crazy but the person truly believes it!! 
Of course many people are afraid of what is being done to them, and it's the consistency in the abductee's stories that weave a pattern that slowly brings together a better picture of what is exactly happening here. Many tell of being medically examined, probed, and even some females claim that they are going to have an alien baby.  Usually during these kinds of procedures, there is great fear on the part of the abductee as lack of communication and intense emotional feelings almost always puts them in a state of utter shock. Many people need therapy after their experience. 
Most people describe their experience by saying that they were taking into a bright room and put onto a cold table.  They look to their sides and see beings standing all around.  Than two or three of them come up and start the procedure.  Than they person always blacks out.  When they awake they are usually in the spot they were taken.  Most people who claim to be abducted end up being abducted more than once.  Some women even say that they were shown the alien babies that they had. 
The agenda of these Aliens is much debated amongst UFO Researchers; are they creating an Alien/Human hybrid race - as many abductee females have been shown their offspring as a result of their abduction experiences. Until all the facts are in this phenomenon will remain an enigma... but as each new day arrives we get closer and closer to the truth. And one thing is for certain "We Are Not Alone"!

Ok alien abductions, being the fact that I have never been abducted by aliens I wouldn't know anything about the experience.  I would guess that it could happen and we don't have proof that they don't happen.  Maybe the government is doing the abducting to do experiments on people.  All I know is that there is a chance that this could be true.