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The Mystery of The Rods


Rods are cylindrical shaped objects that appear in the skies, in homes and in oceans.  they have what appears to be a membrain along the length of the torso, that allows them to "swim" through the air. Rods are usually four inches to a few feet in length.  They travel at high velocities barely visible to the naked eye!
No question about it, whatever they are, rods aren't camera shy! They were seen making a guest appearance in a music video from Mexico.  And again, they are seen in the jungle accidently caught on tape by the Discovery Channel. The Learning Channel caught one and the rods seems to be fleeing from a New Jersey fire caught by a news crew. The History Channel has seen them. A rod is seen flying through one of their interviews. The idea of rods is nothing new. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes wrote about rod like creatures in a short story called horror of heights.  Could flying serpents really be ancient rods that had been spotted on a documentary footage of lion cubs. They seem to be everywhere! And not just in tv shows either.  While Mel Gibson was, in Scotland, filming Braveheart there's a shot actually taken from the making of Braveheart.  Slow down one of the scenes and look very close. There's a rod, passing by Mel's head.
1) Adjust your video camera's shutter setting. Depending on your camera, it might be a dial with little pictures on it. Look for the sports setting. That will ensure you have a high shutter setting so each frame of video will look like a single picture without blur.

2) Point your camera at the sky. Leave something, like a tree as a frame of reference.

3) Adjust your zoom so it matches what you see with the naked eye. Don't use a wide angle, or zoom in for a closeup.

4) Let the camera record for 10 minutes. Then, change angles and record for another 10 minutes.

5) Time to look at your video. Play the video at regular speed. If you see something go by, replay it at slow speed.

6) Did you find anything on your tape?

You can't see them with the naked eye, but they show up when you slow down videotape.

So, are these images appearing on television and in movies actual rods or just something blurred by a camera? No one knows for sure. So keep your eyes open, and your videotapes rolling.



rods ehh?  I think that there could be some creature out there that would be rods.  This is a hard subject to give an opinion on because there isnt alot of information on the rods.  I would think that maybe they live in caves or something, and only make themselves seen when they want to.