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Crop Circles

The harvesting Devil of Hartfordshire.

In 1678 someone records a quarrel between a rich farmer and man who would harvest his field. The man is said to have asked to much for his work and the farmer told him that he would rather see the devil mow his fields then to pay the man.  That night there was a bright light above the field which seemed to be on fire and the morning after a part from the field was mown circle shaped and done so precisely it could not have been done by man.


Crop circles have appeared for a long time, and there are few people who have never heard about the phenomenon. Many people have very explicit opinions about crop circles, but hardly anyone is aware of what they truly are. Few people know, for example, that writtings from the 18th century already mentioned the appearance of crop circles in Europe.
Crop circles appear in any type of field and sometimes not in a field at all (like in snow) but nobody knows how they are made.
Crop circles are usually assigned to the creativity of pranksters who flatten the crop with tools. And there are people who do this. Hardly anyone knows that this guess can not explain many well-documented characteristics of crop circles.
Another phenomenon, closely related to crop circles, is the appearance of flying "balls of light", in and around the formations. Some witnesses claim that these 'balls of light' actually create the crop circles.  Few people know, however, that these "balls of light" leave very real physical traces, in the form of dehydrated plant stems or perfectly circular burn marks on metal and wooden surfaces.

Cisco's Opinion:
Geez I'v got no opinion here, im stumped.  I could only guess that maybe they are messeges to someone or something, but what I have no clue.  The "balls of light" phenomenon is truly a mystery.  Maybe they are an organism that is trying to comunicate with us through the crop circles (but obviously they aren't having much success with it).  I will study this phenomenon in more depth and put up my findings.  - Cisco