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Chupacabra = Goat Sucker


A new phenomena is in the news, the Chupacabra or "goat- sucker". Witnesses report being attacked and terrorized by a creature which seems to defy current Zoological classification. The sightings first began in Puerto Rico, then migrated to Latin America, and recently Chupacabra have been reported in the southern United States.
Why the Chupacabras are just now making their presence known may be closely related to man's expansion into formerly isolated areas. As the endemic habitat is destroyed herbivore tend to die off, and predatory species tend to migrate in search of new food sources such as is occasionally the case with mountain lions, polar bears, wolves, and coyotes. Sometimes the new food source are domesticated animal or even man.
Chupacabras are about 3 to 4 feet tall.  Whitnesses claim that they have wings.  The Chupacabra's mouth opens the same way as a humans and some say they have vampire like teeth, but bites found on animals that people claim were from Chupacabras there has been no indication that there was any blood drained from it.  Some people say that they have a mouth like an insect in that it moves left and right.  In all reports the Chupacabra's eyes are large and all black.  There is speculation that there are different types of Chupacabras in existens today.
Most reports of Chupacabras happen at night so it is believed the creatures are nocturnal.  They are carnivores and live in farm lands so thats why they are called goat suckers because they have easy access to goats. 
Some think that it has something to do with aliens in the fact that maybe they are human/alien hybrids.  There is little facts to support this though.
The Chupacabra phenomena is certainly a fascinating subject and, whether real or not, has lead to illuminating speculation.  And if the reports have one grain of truth to them then that means there has to be other species of life here on Earth that await descovery.

Cisco's Opinion:
All in all I truly believe in the Chupacabra. There is a Mexican legend that had to do with the story of the Chupacabra.  Later on they did an episode of the X-Files on it.  I think that maybe they are a bein of life that wants to be left alone and in their secrecy, the only reason that they are making themselves know to us is that we are destroying their habitats and making them homeless.  - Cisco