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~your pointe shoes are your babies

~your friends are covering up there zits while you try to hide your ugly feet

~you sit in a straddle when you are watching TV. ...you have blisters on your feet for life.

~you have fights with gymnasts about who works harder

~you use your swingset to practice your fouettes

~Dance is life and the rest is just spare time. ...when you put on your pointe shoes to reach high places

~When you talk about a friend being your first partner people think your being vulgar

~Your vocabulary includes bandaids, sweat, tape and determination!

~You have become attatched to your pointe shoes

~People mistake you for a rubber band

~Your body cracks loud enough to stop class... but you didn't even hear it

~"Practice makes perfect" isn't just a saying it's a way of life

~You preform well under stress

~You walk with your feet turned out

~Everything you do has to do with dance

~Your saying is... It dosn't hurt 'till the bone shows

~Your parents just bought stock in bandaids

~You hear classical music and your muscles start to twitch

~You don't dance for a week and even your brother notices

~You can't count past 8

~when your boyfriend says "me or dance" and a few months later you say "boy i miss him"

~you notice every mistake in dance movies and/or TV shows

~All the things you get for Christmas or Birthdays are related to dance.

~"Practise makes perfect" is not a saying, it's a way of life

~you stand en pointe in your shoes when talking to your friends

~Dance is life, nothing else matters

~you stand turn out in PE classes

~you have more pairs of dance shoes than street shoes

~you start stretching whenever sitting on the floor

~you turn conversation to dance without noticing

~the first impression other people have on you is YOU DANCE

~you point your toes even during sit ups

~you use empty hall ways to practise grand jete

~you point your toes when walking

~you do plies and tendus while waiting in line

~Watching TV is not a time to relax, it is a time to stretch

~you can't remember the last time when you weren't sore from dancing

~you hear classical music and you need to dance

~you cancel dates because of dance classes

~you bend over to pick up something, one leg automatically shots up to 180* angel with feet pointed

~you go to get a hair cut and tell them to cut it long enough for a bun