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You are obsessed with ballet when
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  • The word "center" means more to you than just the middle of something.
  • You opted to take French as a second language so you could better understand ballet terminology.
  • Your furniture in your bedroom is arranged to provide you with the largest open area possible.
  • You have broken at least one household item while practicing your allegro.
  • You check the TV Guide for any program even remotely relating to dance.
  • You become frustrated and depressed when "Breakfast with the Arts", on A&E, is not about ballet or dance.
  • You sleep with your legs in a turned out position.
  • Anyone has ever made fun of your feet.
  • You cannot listen to music without choreographing a dance in your head.
  • A broken toe sends you spiralling into a deep depression.
  • When you hear the word "Lincoln", the president is not the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Seeing someone go into a plit doesn't shock you.
  • You miss catching the ball during gym class because you were practicing the sequence from last night's class.
  • You believe your gym teacher knows nothing about real sports.
  • You can not carry a conversation and not mention something dance related for 10 minutes.
  • Seeing someone walking on the street wearing stockings and a bun doesn't phase you.
  • The names George Balanchine, Wendy Whelan, Marius Petipa, and Sylvie Guillem mean something to you.
  • You dance in classrooms in school, particularly during homeroom.
  • You firmly believe that hallways were invented for the sole purpose of practicing grand jetes.
  • You use the counter in the bathroom to stretch out while you brush your teeth.
  • You dance around the house until your parents scream about how you are going to break something, but you can't stop. -Thank you to tippitoes!