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  Healthy eating is a very important part of being a dancer.  First of all you need to make sure to drink lots of liquids during class time, water is best.  If your body isn't hydrated you can get headaches or feel lightheaded.  It's also good to eat things like pastas and breads on days you have class, these foods are high in carbohydrates which give you energy.
  Don't forget your fruits and veggies, they are very healthy and make better snacks than chips or other junk food.  You can eat them with ranch or dip but either way you need to eat them every day.
  Calcium is something that is very important for dancers.  You need to keep your bones strong.  If you are vegan you need to take calcium supplements.
  Meats are also very important, portein is essential for your body.  Many people are vegatarians, if you are one you must eat meat alternatives and tofu.
For further information on eating healthy you can visit www.dancer.com and click the "eat right" link on the home page.