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Not to long ago I had very bad turnout.  But now my turnout is much better and my teacher hasn't ONCE told me I needed to fix it!  Here are some things that helped me.

1. Try the froggy.  All you do is lay on your stomach and put your legs in a butterfly like position behind you.  Try pushing your legs out as far as you can, but don't hurt yourself!  You can also try rotating one foot at a time turning it in and out while staying if your froggy position.
2.  Try practicing at a wall.  Take turns turing one foot out at a time a pressing it against the bottom of a wall.  Be careful that you don't hurt your knees.
3.  Last but not least try laying on your back and pointing one foot up at a time and rotating it in and out, then slowly bring it down.
I hope these work for you!