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Have you read an awesome ballet book?  Send me a review of the book!  Go to the contact me page and send me an e-mail!

The Young Dancer
This is a very interesting book that would be best for young beginners between the ages of 8 and 11.  It takes you behind the scenes to see what really happens in ballet class.  It also teaches you a few positions.      
Ballet for Beginners
This is a great book for beginners, although I don't like the fact that the dancer in the book is on pointe and is only about seven years old.  It teaches you how to dress for class and a few basic steps.
The Ballet Book
This is a great book for anyone who is interested in starting ballet.  It tells you how to pick a good teacher, how to dress for class, some simple steps and then more complex ones.  This book is worth looking at.
Anna Pavlova Genius of the Dance
This is a very nice informative book which is also easy to read and good for kids in around fourth to sixth grade.  I really enjoyed it and think that it's a good book to read.  I've found that Anna Pavlova books writen for adults are very hard to understand.  This was probably one of the best Anna Pavlova books I've read.
I Dreamed I Was a Ballerina
This book is beautiful, writen by Anna Pavlova and illustrated by Degas it is so enjoyable you will read it multiple times!  Adults and children alike will love this book, it is written in simple words so kids can understand it and the pictures jump right off the page! 
Heather at the Barre by Sheri Cooper Sinykin.
This is about a girl named Heather that has been taking ballet for a long time but quit. She has an aunt thats a professional dancer and Heather decides to start taking ballet again. This is a short book. For ages 7 and up!
Ballet Shoes
This is about three orphans who make a pact to someday be in the record books.  With the help of a guest who stays in their house and the director of an arts academy they realize what they are good at and how to make their dreams come true!
The Random House Book of Dance Stories 
 Is has a lot of different kinds of dance stories like Swan Lake, Coppelia, The Nutcracker, and more!