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  Starting pointe is one of the most exciting moments in a dancer's career.  I started pointe not to long ago, so I'm going through this with you.   My ballet teacher says that point advice is passed from one foot to another, it's not something you can learn from a video or a book.  I'm going to try to help you prepare you for your first pointe class.  


  Before your first class you should get fitted for pointe shoes unless your teacher has told you not to.  The best place to get fitted is your local dance supply store, if you have the chance to be accompanied by your teacher and fellow students you should accept.  If you go to get fitted alone make sure you know what kind of pointe shoes your studio prefers.  As yo know there are many types, sizes, brands, ect. of shoes and your studio may reccomend trying certin styles.  It is uncommon that you will be required to have an exact pair of pointe shoes since everyones feet are different.
  When you get fitted for your pointe shoes you should know what kind of padding, if any, is reccomended for use at your studio.  For more information on pointe shoes you can check out my pointe shoe size guide and my other pointe shoe resources located on this site.
  After you've purchased you shoes DO NOT sew ribbons or elastic on your shoes, DO NOT mark on them or wear them around.  Your teacher will check the fit on the first day of class, if they don't fit correctly you will need to exchange them for a new style.  If you have sew anything on them or done anything to them, this encludes soiling them, they may not exchange them!  Yo will learn how to properly sew on ribbons and elastic from your teacher.  Remember if you're old enough to dance en pointe you're old enough to sew your own ribbons!
  Your first class will be very basic, most likley it will start with all the dancers trying on their pointe shoes for the teacher to check out.  Once she sees them all you will probably learn about sewing on ribbons and elastic.  Most likley you wont dance your first class but just learn about pointe shoes.  You will probably learn everything from sewing ribbons to how pointe shoes are made, this class will mostly be used for discusing pointe shoes.
  My teacher told us not to tape our toes because it traps in moisture which causes blisters, she said band-aids aren't good either.  If you are concerned about getting blisters you should try mole skin.
  Starting pointe is an exciting thing, but remember, it can be dangerous when not done properly.  Make sure you have supervision when you dance on pointe for about the first year, at my studio they keep your shoes there for a few months so you wont try to dance at home and end up breaking something.  All I have to say is be careful, because pointe is the beginning of your road to dance success, and breaking an ankle will only slow it down.  So good luck, good job, and be SAFE!!!