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My fanfiction runs the gamut from crossovers to self-insert (with a slight caveat which will be explained in a bit) to shonen-ai (my most popular works, as it turns out). I started out with a crossover, and it was actually co-written with my friend Celestial Tiger, or CT. That would be "The World's Worst Cooking Contest", so consider yourself warned on that one, hmmm?

The "self-insert" fics - well...Kivrin (in her various incarnations) isn't QUITE me. But she's a lot like me. She actually belongs to another friend (yes! Two! They're multiplying!), Tavestry. But Tav based her off of me; she sort of took off on her own from there so that now sometimes Kiv does exactly what I WOULDN'T do, but...*shrugs* That's her. So while Kivrin is sort of me, she sort of isn't. Call it my justification for writing these things, but it is still the truth. These are archived here mostly for my own convenience, but you're more than welcome to read them too.

So now you want to know where the original story is that Kivrin comes from? Well...I don't have it. Tavestry has her own website (or something vaguely resembling it - just kidding, Tav!!) and the first Shin Yoroiden Samurai Toopers story - Circles of Blood is being posted there as it's being written. It's also up on Theria's page I believe now. For the link to that, see my Samurai Troopers page.

My YST (okay, technically RW) shonen-ai stuff has proven very popular, which surprised me. I first wrote "Read My Mind" and "Lightning Kisses" a couple of years ago just because I was curious to see what I could do with yaoi/shonen-ai. I deliberately tried to write "Read My Mind" so that it wouldn't sound like me - I envisioned CT and Tav and various other friends teasing me for writing it and didn't want it known.

Then Becky put up Sunlight & Sky, and as I was the one responsible (ultimately), I felt obliged to provide her some fanfic material. I was helping her with this shrine to Seiji & Touma, and I was re-reading and editing my fics in preparation for them to be published. So I was sort of...soaking in the shonen-ai-ness (no dirty comments, please). And I had this vision as I was going to sleep one night. That vision turned into my third story "Hoops of Steel" (still my most popular), and it's been downhill from there.

Also, it doesn't take a keen eye and sharp mind to notice that most of my fanfiction is YST/RW oriented. This takes some explanation.

Slayers is my favorite show. I love it. It's great. It's so great, in fact that...unless you have a really really really good idea, fanfiction for Slayers is...well..bad. ^_^'' Basically what I'm saying is that until I get a really great Slayers fanfic idea, one I feel would do justice to what is, in my opinion, the coolest anime on Earth, then I'm not writing any fics.

YST on the other hand: It's easy to come up with neat, interesting stories involving the Troopers. They're fun to write, easy to write, and THEY COME WITH THEIR OWN SYMBOLISM. I'm not kidding - you can use their armor colors, their virtues, their elements, their weapons...it's great. This is fanfic authoress heaven, ladies and gentlemen.

Well this has gone on long enough. I don't believe you READ all of this. Of course, I don't believe I WROTE it all. I am soooooooo long-winded sometimes. Enjoy the stories and please, please, PLEASE let me know what you think of 'em, hmmm? Onegaishimasu?

Copyright: 2000 -
Socks, aka Jen Roberts
The shows and characters mentioned in this site are not mine, but the viewpoints and writings on this site ARE. I am not claiming others' work as my own, so please return the favor, hmm?

Quasi-Self-Insert Fics
Hey everyone writes them. These aren't quite so bad, really...

Yoshie's Concert - from Tavestry's "Shin Yoroiden Samurai Troopers: Circles of Blood" fanfiction. We call this an Outtake, and we wrote it together. ~Finished~
By Socks (who went by Ani-Chan at the time) and Tavestry

Family - More SYST: COB fun. Kivrin and Touma share some family bonding - at the GUN RANGE?! I know now they probably don't have gun ranges in Japan, but I didn't know it then. It's pretend, okee?? ^_^'' ~Finished~
By Socks

Kivrin's first date in Japan Pointless really but I wrote it so here ya go. This would be Pre-Inazuma, of course. ~Finished~
By Socks

The Tenku Men Get Drunk and Kiv gets pissed. ~Finished~
By Socks

Use Your Head....NO, the OTHER Head A yaoi parody by Tav-Chan that is just TOOOO funny. Trust me and read it. You'll laugh yourself sick like I did. ~Finished~
By Tavestry

Lessons Kiv's back in college in Japan - and she's not the only one learning a thing or two. ~Finished~
By Socks

Return to Life Fanfiction from Tavestry's unfinished SYST:POS storyline (Pillars of Sorrow ). She's got a whole series of her SYST stories. (Fanfiction based on fanfiction...oh honestly now...) ~Finished~
By Socks

Escape More SYST:POS fanfic. Once again centered on Touma and Tenku-Chan. You have to have noticed a pattern by NOW. ~Finished~
By Socks


HA! You KNEW they were coming!!!!!!!

World's Worst Cooking Contest - my very first fanfiction, which I co-wrote with Celestial Tiger (who is the one responsible for me knowing anything about RW/YST to BEGIN WITH...). ~Finished~
By Celestial Tiger and Socks

Omae o Korosu - just a bit of Slayers silliness I wrote, but it touches on Fushigi Yuugi and Gundam Wing. It is very silly though. You've been warned. ~Finished~
By Socks

SYST NEXT This is what happens when you make the SYST characters do Slayers stuff. It's just....BIZARRE........ ~Finished~
By Socks


Oh come on don't act surprised. This is actually some of my best stuff. -_-''' It's all SeijixTouma/ToumaxSeiji too.

Read My Mind Shin helps Touma 'fess up to Seiji. ~Finished~
By Socks

Lightning Kisses Touma shows Seiji the beauty of the storm. ~Finished~
By Socks

Hoops of Steel - Part i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi
- Are the armors alive? If they are, what do they think of Touma and Seiji's relationship? ~Finished!~
By Socks

Hearts in Armor -
Part One Embracing Nothingness
Part Two Voices in My Head
Part Three A Certain Slant of Light
Author's Notes - Please Read! Fairly Important!
- Foolish pride threatens to destroy Seiji and Touma's relationship! ~Finished!~
By Socks

Line of Duty -
First Chapter
- A couple of weeks after the events of "Hearts in Armor", Seiji takes Touma to meet his family; will the Date family accept their real relationship or will Seiji be forced to choose between love and duty? ~In Progress~
By Socks


Other Stuff
Yes, I occasionally write fanfiction that really doesn't fit into any of the above categories. Not very often but it often but it does happen.

Arago on the Couch With apologies to the Queen of Swords, who wrote "Zelgadis on the Couch." Arago goes for counseling. It's a fairly silly little one-shot. ~Finished~
By Socks