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The Austin America Register
In a continuing effort to save and promote these great cars, I have created a registry to locate and catalogue the remaining Americas, as well as provide a much needed support base for the owners.  As the Register membership grows it will increase the value and level of enthusiasm for cars.
So, please sign up for the Austin America Register.  You will not be spammed, your information will not be sold or traded for any reason.  My ultimate goal is to create a database and an owner's list to be distributed annually amongst members.  If you have any concerns or questions about joining or sending me your information, please feel free to email me.   I share your concerns about privacy, internet scams, and other such issues and I want you to feel secure in joining.  The Register is quite simply for the cars and for those of us who love them.
Membership is for as long as you own your car(s).   The car will be issued a  dash plaque, based on the design above.  Each plaque will be engraved with the car's unique Register registration number.  This number is soley based on when you register the car with me.
A one time fee of $10 will pay for
  • A 1"x 3" sequentially numbered dash plaque of my design.
  • A unique replica British Leyland Dealer service decal that I've had reproduced.
  • An up to date list of parts suppliers here in the USA and in England.
  • A 15 page catalogue from "Earlpart" in the UK.   ("Earlpart" is undoubtedly the worlds largest supplier of 1100/1300 parts, including body panels.)
  • A 15 page catalogue from Trevor Jones in the UK.  Trevor is the new 1100 Club Spares Secretary and has a large inventory.
  • A 15 page catalogue from Mini City Ltd. in New York, one of the oldest and the only remaining suppliers of Austin America parts in the USA.
  • Future mailings of the registry list. 

Each additional car will be $4, just to pay for the plaque and one decal.

If you have any other suggestions as to what else might benefit members, please let me know.  This Register is for all of us, so let's make it great!! (Without making it complicated or expensive, right?)
If you would like an Austin America T-shirt with your registration, please include an addition $15, which will pay for one shirt and U.S. Priority Mail shipping.   Shirts are $11 and I can ship 2 shirts (up to size large) for the same price as one, currently $4.  XL and XXL shirts are $2 extra per shirt and shipping on a pair of these larger sizes is $5.
You can pay with a personal check, money order, or via Paypal.
To join, please email the following information to me at austinado16 at cs dot com
Information about yourself:
Your name:
Your address:
Your phone number:
Your email address:
Information about your America(s)
Year Model:
Date of manufacture (if known):
Build Dates (from your Heritage Certificate):
Original Color:
Current Color:
Manual or Automatic Transmission:
Engine Number:
VIN Number:
Commission Number:
Body Shell Number:
Where the car was originally sold when new (if known):
Where you bought the car:
When you bought the car:
Whether or not it's running and driven:
Please provide a photo of you with the car(s) as it would be great for all of us to be able to place faces with names and cars when getting in touch with each other.   I hope to format the Registry Booklet in such a way that the photos can be included.

Meet the Austin America Register Members!

Click here to see the Register Members!

Register Members:  
Here are the very proud members with their cars.