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Looking to buy or sell an America, parts, or related items?
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Cars for sale & wanted:

For Sale:
Posted January 8, 2017  
1966 MG1100
28,000 miles
Poorly repaired damage to the rear of the car from an accident by the seller in 1966.

Additionally, the seller has for sale:
-  A 1969 Austin America engine with automatic transmission
-  A 1964 MG1100 engine and 4 speed manual transmission
-  Front and back glass
-  A black seat set from a 1969 America
-  A black seat set from a 1970/71 America
-  Various dash panels ('64 MG1100, '69 America)
-  Misc. parts including radiators, brake parts, front subframe, hupcaps, etc.

Price:  $500 for the car and all of the parts, inclusive.

Contact:  David Broyles (three one seven) ate4ate, six 1 for too.

Posted July 17, 2017

1969 Austin America. Manual Transmission.

1993 1275cc A Plus engine
Rebuilt carburetor
New Distributor
Aluminum radiator
Gear-drive starter
A Plus Rod Shifter
311 Differential
Verto Clutch
New tires
Rebuilt Calipers
New Wheel Cylinders
New Brake Pads and Shoes
New Clutch and Brake Master Cylinders
New Brake Hoses
New Fuel Pump
Rebuilt Rack and Pinion
Uprated U-Joints
New Carpet
Original Paint
No rust holes in sheet metal, no patches
New Seatbelts
Runs and drives excellent

Located in W PA .

Contact: maran2 at verizon dot net

Price: $4,500.00

Posted December 28, 2014  
Sold in January 2015, and subsequently delivered to the new owner in Riverside, CA. 
1969 Austin America.  Automatic Transmission.  28,000mi.  The engine does run, and reverse works, but none of the foreward gears work.
Location:  Anza, CA
Price: Sold for  $600.00

Posted July 27, 2014    Sold: Aug 5, 2014
1964 MG1100 4 door.   Manual Transmission.  Extensively restored in 2007.
Price:  $6,500

Posted Oct 27, 2011  Sold as of Jan 2012
1969 Austin America.  22,489 miles. Manual Transmission.  Older paint job. Has been inside stored for 5 years, but was running and driving when stored.
Comes with an owner's manual and a big factory shop manual.
Asking price:  $2,500
Location: Ellicot City, Maryland

Posted June 6, 2011
Sold in Jan. 2015
1969 Austin America.  Manual Transmission.  Has a 1380cc engine fitted with a Weber Carb.  Engine was built 4,000mi ago by Mini Mania.  Engine runs rough due to very low compression in one of the cylinders.  Steering rack needs to be rebuilt and is clunking over bumps.  Was repainted in 2000 and has been garage kept since.  Interior upholstery, carpet and dash have all been redone.  Quite a bit of new chrome.  CD player and a charge port for electronics like cell phones, etc.
Comes with spare parts, manuals, and a hydrolastic suspension pump.
Asking price:  $4,000
Location: Spokane, WA


Posted Sept 13, 2009
Sold in Oct. 2009
1971 Austin America.  Automatic Transmission. 12,000 original miles.  Nice original condition.  Needs brake hydraulic work, and has not been started or driven since the carburetor was sent away for rebuild.
Asking price:  $1,500
Location: Portland, OR

Posted July 26, 2009
1971 Austin America.  Manual Transmission.
Asking price:  $700.00
Location: San Antonio, TX

Posted April 17, 2008
1969 Automatic America.  Repainted "Corvette Yellow" a number of years ago.  The transmission was professionally rebuilt in England in the 1990's.  Runs and drives great with a very solid and straight body. 
Current owner purchased car in May 2005 from Saratoga, CA for $2,500 and has invested a lot of time and money completing a mechanical restoration.  The purchase of another Austin America forces sale.
Asking price:  $2,500.00
Webmaster's Note:
This is a very nice and very solid car.  You won't find anything this nice throughout, in this price range.
This car has been sold to Sean Hottois in Fort Wayne, IN

Posted Feb 2, 2008
1969 America with automatic transmission.
One owner family (seller's mother bought it brand new in 1969).
Mileage: 10,515.5mi.
Condition: 100% original and correct, like the day it came from the dealership.
Paint: Original British Racing Green paint in excellent condition.
Price:  $6,000.00 
Location:  Pratt, Kansas
Contact original owners: Jon & Carlene Deming
Webmaster's note: If you're looking for turn key, and all original, don't let this car slip through your grasp.  Jon and Carlene have sent me some very high resolution photos, and it is the real deal.  You couldn't build an engine/trans and have it painted for what they're asking.
On April 17, 2008 this car was sold to Rich Schwager in Arizona. 

Posted Nov. 26, 2007
1968 America with automatic transmission. 
Runs great, paint is very nice.  Small shallow dent in driver's door.
Transmission has been rebuilt and there is a small oil leak from the torque convertor.  Viton valve stem seals have been installed in the cylinder head.
Comes with an extra engine/transmission subframes, and other spare parts.
Webmaster's Note:  I've personally seen this car, and have known it and the previous owner for years.  It is in fantastic condition, and runs and drives great.  Solid original shape inside and out, and a bargain at the price.
This car sold in Dec. '07 to it's new owner, in Oklahoma.  It is now up for sale again with an asking price in the mid $5,000 range. 

Posted August 29, 2006
1969 (Mostly) America. Manual transmission. Mileage is unknown. Titled and basically street legal, at least in Idaho. Car has been modified for autocross and then 'detuned' to be street legal again. Very fun to cruise around town, or out in the country in. Many spare parts are included.
Asking $3,000.00 or best offer over $2500.00.
Car is located near Idaho Falls, ID


Posted August 15, 2006
1970 America with manual transmission in Bronze Yellow.  Runs great, paint is very nice.  One rear hydrolastic displacer has either failed, or the flex hose going to it has....either way, easily fixed and the webmaster here can get you set up.  The clutch is having a problem fully disengaging, but that's also fairly easy, either in adjustment, rebuilding the slave and master cylinders, or in the wear at the clevis pin.  Either way, not a big deal.
Asking $1,200.00
Located in Idaho
Seller: Steve Pfost 
Buyer: Erston and Blue in Seattle, WA at the end of  October 2007.  Congratulations to you both! 

Posted August 14, 2006
1969 Automatic America converted to a pickup truck.  Repainted red. 5 new tires. New front and rear brakes. Formerly a manual transmission model, but has been converted to an automatic.  The interior has not been redone and is a bit rough.
Located in BC Canada.
Asking $4500.00
Webmaster's note:  This America sold during the last week of Nov. 2007.

Posted May 29, 2006
1969 Automatic America in Riviera Blue.  Complete and all original, including the extremely nice original interior.  Car was originally sold in Canada and is currently in the Toronto area.  It was barn stored for approximately 20 years prior to it's current rescue and mechanical restoration.  It has a 1986 Rover Mini A+ engine with automatic transmission.  The A+ is a superior block and engine design to the original A series engine and the transmission includes a locking "Park" feature.  A very bulletproof and reliable combination.
The car is still being driven as a daily driver by the seller who wishes it to find a good and non-abusive new owner.  Asking price is $2,500 Canadian.

Posted May 28, 2006
1969 Automatic America.  Been in the original owner's family since new.  Purchased in 1968 in Colorado and registered as a '68.  Has been repainted yellow.  The engine and automatic transmission have been rebuilt, but the transmission leaks.  Brake master cylinder has been rebuilt. Suspension has been pumped up since this photo was taken.  Starts right up and runs great.
Located in Phoenix, AZ.  Contact Steve Cameron for details: 
Asking $3,300.00
Webmaster's note:  In March 2007 Steve's car was sold to Dennise Dondero in Morris Planes, New Jersey.  Congrats Dennise!

Posted May 27, 2006
1969 America with automatic transmission.  2 complete extra engines included.  Extrememly straight and rust free body.  Was originally a southern California (read; Los Angeles) car until it was sold in 2003 and transported to Washington State in early 2004 where it has been sitting in the current owner's car port.  Originally Riviera Blue, but in this photo someone has painted the entire car, including much of the glass and trim, with blue paint from spray paint cans.  The seller says he has now removed all but about 2% of this paint. The car is 100% original and complete.
Webmaster's Note:  This car was sold to Grant Gaspard in the Olympia, WA area on Nov. 18, 2006.  I believe that due to the amount of structural rust, it has been parted out and taken to the scrap yard.

Posted January 27, 2006
1969 America. In the last few years, it's had almost $7000 worth of maintenance... rebuilt engine, tranny, rebuilt clutch/calipers/carb/radiator, exhaust, new tires, mirrors, brakes/bearings/lines, fuel tank/sender/lines, lots of new electrical stuff, marker/tail lamps, turn signal indicator and switches (all factory).  All the lights/latches work great, the body looks great, good glass.  Runs well.  It'll hold 70mph in a straight line, no pulling when you hit the brakes.  Driven it regularly for the last year and wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere.  It needs some interior work, floorboards and some metal/welding around the firewall, especially around the steering rack.  I just had the cylinder head retorqued and the valves adjusted... (typical maintenance after breaking in a new engine).  I have all the receipts detailing the repairs, which were done by MG mechanics.  I'm looking for $3500. 
Anthony "Tony" Hoos
Columbia, MD
Webmaster's Note:  Tony sold his car to a local British car enthusiast in Baltimore, MD.  So, another one has found a good home!

Posted November, 2005
1970 America. Located in Idaho, last running in 1989.  Been inside stored for decades. Free to an enthusiast.  Currently not running.
Webmaster's Note:  In December 2005 Aaron Anderson in Seattle, WA rescued this car and is currently working on rebuilding the engine.  It will be available for a new home in the future.

Posted December 13, 2004
1969 Automatic America.  Repainted "Corvette Yellow" a number of years ago.  The transmission was professionally rebuilt in England in the 1990's.  Runs and drives great with a very solid and straight body.  Driven weekly, if not daily and has been stored in a parking garage for a number of years.  Comes with a very decent 1969 automatic parts car full of spare parts. 
Located in Saratoga, California which is right next to San Jose.
Asking $2,500.00.
Webmaster's Note:
The car has sold as of May 29, 2005 and is heading to Peoria, Arizona in the care of long time enthusiast and former America owner Rich Schwager.  Rich has also purchased the America below and intends to restore both!

Sold & Subsequently Destroyed in Sept 2006:
Posted November 3, 2004
1969 America.   Located in Hemet, CA (near San Diego).  Manual transmission model, but is missing both the engine & transmission.  Comes with extra grills and hubcaps.  Needs full restoration.  Front floors and trunk floor have surface rust.  Back glass is broken out, but seller has replacement glass.
Asking $250.00
Webmaster's Note: 
This car sold in early July 2005 to the buyer of the yellow America above.  It was in turn sold to buyers in New Mexico who, as of Sept. 2006, have sent it to a wrecking yard to be crushed.

Posted October 19, 2004
1970 America.  Automatic transmission.  100% all original, stored for the last 10+ years, never been restored.  Starts, runs and drives.  Was previously driven by owner's wife and daughters.  The lower front valance is a little beat up and there is accident damage to the right rear quarter that is actually difficult to see from the rear, but it is enough that the body panel between the tail light area and the rear of the rear wheel arch is buckled.  Shouldn't be too bad to pull back out (I've had one repaired that was far worse!).  The interior is perfect except for the dash top pad around the speaker opening.  Floors and underneath are free of rust.   There is some surface rust haze in the curved upper areas of the paint.  It is not rust coming through from underneath, but appears to be on the surface of the paint, probably from being stored under a cover of some sort.
Owned by Bill Seal in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina near Myrtle Beach.  Asking $1,700.00
*The car is sold as of Oct. 24th.  It'll be staying in Myrtle Beach, SC and is already in the bodyshop for a complete paint job!  Nice!

Posted October 19, 2003
29,629 original miles.  Last registered in 1976, as found in the original owner's garage.  Automatic transmission model.  Still with the original California blue and gold plates and the "Peter Satori ~ Pasadena" Dealer license plate frames!!  (If you were buying a British car in southern California in the 60's & 70's, you bought from Peter Satori in Pasadena.
Webmaster's note:  I purchased this car October 19, 2003 and am currently doing quite a bit of work to it.  If you are interested in buying the car,  please get in touch with me via email so I can give you the particulars.
Progress as of Oct. 26, 2003:  After quite a bit of work, the engine runs fantastic.   I'm currently replacing the clutch plates in the Automatic transmission.   Following the successful completion of the mechanical repairs I'll be taking the car to my body/paint guy to have the lower trunk area and rear quarter panels straightened and painted to match.
Progress as of December 18, 2003:    I have finished rebuilding the transmission.  The car is back on the road, registered and it runs and drives fantastic!!  You can see the progress of the transmission rebuild on the new Technical Advice: AP Automatic Transmission page.   I performed quite a few modifications inside the transmission and these have cured all of the former problem areas.  The car is scheduled for the bodyshop on Tuesday Dec. 22 and should be out just after Christmas.  Following that, I will install new carpets, have the dash recovered and rebuild the brake hydraulics including rebuildingthe master cylinder, new hoses, front pads in semi-metallic, rear shoes and wheel cylinders.  The system will then be converted to DOT 5 Silicone.
The car has been sold on Feb. 27, 2004 for $3,300.00 to Kirsten Quistberg of Sacramento, CA. 
You can read more about the restoration work and see more photos on the Rescue No. 2 page.

1971 Austin America.  Original throughout.  4spd. manual transmission.  Glacier White with Navy interior.   One of only about 7,500 1971 models produced, only a handful of which appear to remain.  Runs good.  Looks good.  Approximately 55,000 miles. Car is located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.  Asking $3,500.00.   Car hasn't been registered since 1999, but has a "Non-Operation" permit on file with the DMV, which places the registration fees on hold.  Smog exempt.
Webmaster's Note:
This car has been sold, but it's where abouts are unknown.  Please contact me if you're the new owner.  It would be great to hear from you and keep track of the car.  


1969 Austin America. Beautifully restored to original throughout. 4spd. manual transmission. Runs and drives perfect. Driven less than 100 miles since full restoration. Car is located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Asking $2,900.  
*This car has recently sold and is now in the care of Jack Davis in New Mexico.  Congratulations Jack!*

1969 America

1969 America. 4spd. automatic transmission. 21,000 original miles. Was in storage for past 3 years ago. No body damage or rust.  Runs fine. Car is located about :40min. north of L.A. in Sun Valley, CA (near Simi Valley). Asking $1,000. Contact Gene.
This car has been sold to Susan Redman in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Congratulations Susan!   Susan was kind enough to allow me to do some mechanical work on the car to get it back on the road again.  It runs and drives excellent.


Gene Bagramyan's 1969 Riviera Blue America
1969 America. 4spd. automatic transmission. low original miles. Runs fine. No body damage or rust. This is car #10 in the Austin America Register.  Car is located about :40min. north of L.A. in the valley. Asking $1,000. 
Webmaster's Note: 
This car sold in March 2003 and is now in the car of long time British car enthusiast, Mike Gibson, of  Washington state.  Congratulations Mike!

Parts for sale or wanted:

Miscellaneous items for sale or wanted: