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Short History:

"In 1974 local race car builder Stu Trudel Started and project to turn an Austin America into a fire breathing race car. At the time Stu was a shop teacher at Richmond high school in Ottawa Ont. So the transformation started.  Complete inside was stripped, many panels were replaced with aluminum. Stu know for his welding turned the car into a tube frame car having all the suspension mounted directly on the tube frame. Huge front rotors were installed on the front with four piston calibers and front rotors were mounted on the rear on a custom rear axle with coil over shocks.

Stu raced the car for about 5-7 years in the Canadian ADAC class with many top finishes often in front of datsun 510s, Austin Minis and many other cars of the day.

After Stu sold the car it more less disappeared. Till I talked to Stu who is a good family friend about getting my Austin Mini at the time ready to go road racing. Stu Suggested that I should find his old Austin America. Not familiar with the Austin America I said ok and looked no further and continued the upgrade the mini. Three weeks later at my dad's shop the Old Car Factory and friend of my dad's came in and said I just found Stu's old Austin America.I over heard this and because my dads friend was pretty excited about this I asked were he saw it.

I went to see the car that was parked behind a gas station it had been painted with a paint brush, but after close inspection it was Stu's car.  His quality construction had with stood the neglect. So I stripped the body body and mechanical and went racing with it that spring 1993. I used the car till 1996 when I went to school out of town. Since than I bought a house,got married, have a daughter and have to work full time. Except for working full time I would not change a thing. 

Currently I still keep my hand in racing. I race in the National Capitial Kart Club. Racing in 6.5 honada and 125cc Rotax class. The club uses tracks in Ontario,Quebec and Morristown USA."

Rob Dale

The Crew