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Here are more great shots of Americas.

1971 Austin America tow truck conversion.

Jeff Marder's 1969 America.

Dick Hepon's 1970 America in "Bronze Yellow".

1971 America in Blaze Red. Quite a rare car!

Jack Redman 1969 America - a recent ebay buy.

1969 Red America unknown onwer.

1969 Antelope America unknown owner.

1969 Primrose Yellow America unknown owner.

Eric's 1969 Riviera Blue Canadian America.

Steve Wagoner's 1970 America.

Steve Wagoner's 1969 America.

Andy Thomson's pickup.

Andy Thomson's 1969 pickup.

1970 Austin America race car.  Have info about it?

Anthony Gonzales' 1969 America.

Andrew Masse's 1970 Canadian America.

1969 Maroon America unknown owner.

1968 Antelope America recently sold on ebay.

1968 Primrose America in Staunton, Ill.

Todd Fitch's 1969  America.

Marc's 1971 America.

Steve Slivinski's 1969 America.

Please share your America pictures with me. No matter what it's condition! Even if you no longer have one, but have pictures of the one you or your family used to have. If you can't send pictures via email, send them through the regular mail. I'll scan them in and send the originals back. I'd love to post them.