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Cars Produced:

March 1968 to September 1971:
According to noted authority, Anders Clausager, approximately 59,500 cars, all built at the Morris factory at Cowley.
Production breakdown by year model:
This information is gathered from Commission Number information contained in factory BMC Microfiche for the 1100/1300 line.   Using this method to guage production numbers results in in a slightly lower number of cars produced at 58,472, compared to the "approximate" 59,500 quoated from Anders Clausager's book on the ADO-16.
1968 & 1969 . . . . . . . . 37,735
1970 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13,223
1971 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7,515


Base model with 4 speed manual transmission:

Better equipped with AM radio and 4 speed automatic transmission:


4 cylinder inline OHV(overhead valves)

Bore x stroke:
2.78 x 3.20 inches
(70.6 x 81.3mm)

1275cc / 77.8cu in.

Compression Ratio:

Brake Horse Power:
58 @ 5250rpm

69 @ 3500rpm

Single 1-1/2" S.U. HS4 carburetor mounted to a combination
intake/exhaust manifold. 
Early cars had a fixed needle type carburetor.  The later cars had a swinging needle type carburetor.
The air filter housing had an intake tube that was bent into a curve shape.  This could be positioned "down" and placed into a heat shroud that was mounted around the #4 exhaust manifold runner for cool or cold climate driving.  Using this position helped prevent carburetor icing which led to misfiring at cruise speeds and stalling in stop-and-go traffic.  The intake tube could be mounted in the "up" position for warm weather driving.
An "Induction Heater" was fitted in a spacer block between carburetor and intake manifold to heat the carburetor in very cold weather prior to starting.  Some models also had a carburetor piston dome heater band tied into the tempurature sencing switch on the induction heater.  (In cold weather, the owner's manual advised turning the ignition key to the "on" position and letting the carb heaters run for a minute or two prior to cranking the engine over.)

Drive Train:

Automatic transmission:
Fully automatic 4 speed with bevel gears, torque convertor and manual over-ride.
Final Drive ratio 3.76:1

Manual Transmission:
All synchromesh 4 speed transmission.
Final Drive ratio 3.65:1

Chassis & Body:

Body & Frame:
Uni-body construction. All body panels welded in place.

Brake Type:
Front Disc / Rear Drum

Wheel type:
12in. Dia. Steel with oval openings for brake cooling

Dunlop C41 5.95-12

Rack and Pinion

Turns lock to lock:

Turning radius:
35 feet

Hydolastic suspension with fluid filled rubber displacer bags
located at each wheel. Bags are interconnected front to rear,
but not side to side.


Engine/Transmission oil capacity:
5 US Quarts for Manual Transmission model
8 US Quarts for Automatic Transmission model on initial fill.
5 US Quarts for Automatic Transmission model on refill.

Coolant Capicity:
4 US Quarts

Oil and Filter Change interval:
3,000 miles

Chassis Lube interval:
3,000 miles

Tire Pressures:
30psi Front / 26psi Rear


Warranty Period:
12 months / 12,000 miles

Curb weight:

Weight distribution:
63% Front / 37% Rear

Wheel Base:
93.5 inches

51.5 inches Front / 50.9 inches Rear

Overall Length:
146.8 inches (12' - 2-3/4")

Overall Width:
60.4 inches (5'-1/2")

Overall Height:
53.0 inches (4'- 5")

Ground Clearance:
5.3 inches

Trunk Space:
8.7cu. ft.

Performance & Economy:

Fuel Capacity:
10 US Gals.

Fuel Consumption:

Cruising Range:

Weight to Horsepower ratio:
38.4 pounds per 1 horsepower

0-60mph time:
18.0 seconds

1/4 mile time:
21.7 seconds

RPMs at 60mph:

MPH per 1,000RPM: