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I received many emails regarding inquiries for affordable Bali accommodation. This site already has this information, however it is un noticable due to the display structure of this site. So i figured I will mention about it (bali cheap and affordable accommodation) in this Bali section . Please click here for a list of Bali Cheap accommodation the most cheapest accommodation in Bali per city



Bali city Accommodation and Activities

Denpasar Accommodation
Bali - Denpasar : The capital city of the province of Bali, with shopping centres, markets, Bali museum, and art centres. Denpasar Bali holiday, Denpasar accommodations - hotel, Denpasar dining - restaurants, shopping in Denpasar, money, Denpasar cultural events, museums in Denpasar
Sanur Accommodation
Bali - Sanur : Exciting white sandy beach known as one of the main tourist resort with international Hotel. Sanur Orientation, holiday, Sanur accommodations - hotels, Sanur dinning - restaurants, nightlife, Sanur dance performances, shoping in Sanur, serangan (turtle island), watersports, beach ceremonies, Bali travel
Kuta & Legian Accommodation
Bali - Kuta : The best known tourst resort in Indonesia, with marvelous white sandy beach and beautiful sunset. Kuta Orientation, Kuta tourist information, bali travel, Kuta accomodations - hotels, Kuta dining - restaurants, movies, Kuta nightlife, shopping in Kuta, , medical, Bali information, watersports, Bali information
Jimbaran Accommodation
Bali - Jimbaran : I found many nice restaurants here on the way to Nusa Dua. Getting there, Getting Around, Accommodations - hotels, Dining, Shoping, Medical, Hiking & watersports, Bali information
Nusa Dua Area Accommodation
Bali - Nusa Dua : magnificent white sandy beaches with many 5 star hotels. - This is a must see. Nusa Dua Tourist Information, Getting arround in Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua Accommodation, Dining in Nusa Dua
Bali - Tanjung Benoa:
Tanjung Benoa Accommodation - hotel, Bali Tanjung Benoa Dining, Tanjung Benoa Watersports, Tanjung Benoa Shopping, Tanjung Benoa Nightlife, Bali information
Ubud Accommodation
Bali - Ubud : Famous amidst visitors from various countries for museum of paintings "Puri Lukisan" countryside living and artist community. Ubud Orientation, Ubud Tourist Information, bali information, Ubud Accomodation - hotel , Ubud dinning - restaurants, Ubud nightlife, performances, Museum and galleries, shoping, Ubud activities, Medical, Bali information
Bali - Kintamani Accommodation
Bali - Kintamani : Excellent Fresh high mountain air with gracious Ulun Danu Temple and simple accommodations. Kintamani Orientation, kintamani, bali travel, Kintamani Accomodations - hotel, Kintamani dining - restaurants,Kintamani trekking around batur, Kintamani hot springs
Klungkung Accommodation
Semarapura, the Nusa Island : Capital town onf Klungkung district, known for the old court of Justice "Kertha Gosa " bali travel, Klungkung Accommodations - hotel and dining - restaurants, watersports
Karangasem Accommodation
Bali - Candidasa: Peaceful white sandy beach.
Candidasa Tourist Information, bali holiday, Accommodations - hotel, Candidasa Dinning- restaurants, Candidasa Shopping, Candidasa Nightlife & Entertainment, Candidasa Activities, Bali information
Bali - Padangbai: Ferry to the Island Lombok are availabe here.
Padangbai holiday,Pandangbai Accommodation - hotel, Padangbai Dining
Bali - Tirtagangga: Old Royal bathing palace of the former Rajah of Karangasem with pools.
Tirtagangga Accomodations - hotel, Tirtagangga Dining, Tirtagangga Activities,
Bali - Amlapura: Principle city of Karangasem district with Rajas Palace.
Amlapura Accomodations - hotel, Amlapura Dining
Bali - Amed: Amed Getting there, Amed Accomodations hotels- hotels
Bali - Tulamben: Fascinating Diving Area with beautiful underwater sceneries and teh wreck of SS Liberty.
Tulamben Accomodations - hotels, Diving

Buleleng Accommodation
Bali - Singaraja:holiday, Singaraja accomodations - hotels, Singaraja dining & restaurants, Singaraja Shopping
Bali - Lovina: Restful tourist resort on the North coast.
Getting There, Lovina Accommodations - hotels, Dining & Nightlife, Watersports, Shadow puppets
Bali - Air Sanih: Tranquil beach with fresh spring pools beach and accommodation.

Jembrana Accommodation
Negara, Medewi Beach

Tabanan Accommodation
Bali - Bedugul: Beautiful lake temple Beratan with harmonious mountain panorama
Bedugul Orientation,Bedugul , bali holiday, Bedugul Accomodations - hotels, Bedugul Dining- restaurants,Bedugul Shopping,Bedugul Watersports
Bali - Munduk:- havent been there yet,
Munduk Getting there,Munduk Accomodations - hotel.
Bali - Tanah Lot ; Scenic temple set on a rocky isle known as the best place for watching sunset - pretty good stuff.
Tanah Lot Accomodations - hotels , Tanah Lot Dining- Restaurants, Bali information
Bali - Krambitan ; Known for its Royal Palace with Spacious Gamelan Hall - Experience its mystic sorroundings.
Krambitan Getting there, Krambitan accomodations- hotels, bali western beaches



Bali Hotels info From 5,4,3,2 stars

Bali Hotel :

Denpasar Area Hotels
a. Denpasar hotels
» Nataur's bali hotel ()

b. Sanur hotels
» Alit Sanur hotel ()
» Bali Hyatt hotel ()
» Besakih (BSB) ()
» Diwangkara Beach ()
» Segara village ()
» Gazebo Cottages ()
» Griya Santrian ()
» La Taverna ()
» Natour's Sindhu ()
» Peneeda View ()
» Puri dalem hotel ()
» Radisson bali hotel ()
» Raddin Sanur bali hotel ()
» Sanur Aerowisata hotel ()
» Sativa Sanur Cottages ()
» Tanjungsari hotel ()
» The Grand Bali Beach ()

Gianyar Area
Gianyar Hotels - Ubud Hotels
» Amandari ()
» Kupu-Kupu barong ()
» Chedi payangan ()
» Four Season resort Sayan ()
» Lorin Hotel saba bai ()
» Begawan Giri ()


Karangasem Area Hotels
a. Karangasem Hotels
» Amankila ()
» Candi Beach Cottages ()
» Rama Candi Dasa ()
» Serai ()
» Balina Beach resort


Klungkung Area Hotels
a. Klungkung Hotels
» Hai tide huts ()


Badung Area Hotels
a.Kuta, T. Benoa, Sawangan, Jimbaran

» Agung Segara Hotel ()
» Aneka Kuta Hotel ()
» Camplung Mas hotel ()
» Santika bali hotel ()
» Bali rani hotel ()
» Legian paradiso hotel ()
» vila rumah manis ()
» Bali dynasty ()
» Bali garden (rachman bali) ()
» Bali Imperial hotel ()
» Bali intan Cottages ()
» Bali Mandira hotel ()
» The Oberoi bali ()
» Bali Padma hotel ()
» Ramada bintang bali hotel ()
» Four Season Resort ()
» Holiday inn bali hai ()
» Intan Bali hotel ()
» Kartika Plaza hotel ()
» Alam kulkul Resort ()
» White Rose hotel ()
» Legian beach hotel ()
» Natour Kuta beach hotel ()
» Pertamina Cottages ()
» Sahid raya bali hotel ()
» Grand Mirage ()
» Nikko Bali hotel ()
» Hard rock hotel bali ()
» The Ritz Carlton ()
» Bali Intercontinental ()
» Aston Bali Resort ()
» Kuta Paradiso ()

b. Nusa dua Hotels
» Amanusa ()
» Bali Hilton international ()
» Bualu Village ()
» Club Mediteranie ()
» Grand Hyatt Bali ()
» Melia Bali hotel ()
» Nuda dua beach hotel ()
» Putri bali hotel ()
» Sheraton Lagoon (
» Sheraton Nusa indah (

Buleleng Area Hotels
a. Buleleng - Singaraja Hotels
» Sol Lovina (palma Beach) ()
» Aneka Lovina ()
» Puri Bagus Lovina ()
» Mimpi Resort Menjangan()

Tabanan Area Hotels
a. Tabanan Hotels
» Pacung Asri hotel ()
» Lemeridien Nirwana Bali ()



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