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Beware Of Serving Evil
And Evildoers

The Closer One Looks, The More Obvious Matters Become.

  1. Serving And Protecting Evildoers:

    Part I:   Allegations appear unbelievable under normally good-times, but as bankruptcies appear amongst various corporations ... the stench of slime and corruption becomes very, very real.   Who are responsible authorities, religious leaders, the media, and other entities really working for and what has GOD promised for evildoers and their supporters?

    Part II:   Ltr., 8 April 2002, subj:   "Battling Goliath," provides a panoramic photograph of ongoing opposition to corruption.   The pulpits must awaken!   Watchmen have responsibilities!   Deception is exposed for those who want to see.

  2. They Curse Themselves And Their Children:   Scripture is very, very real and humanity cannot ignore matters without consequences ... the myriad curses.

  3. Viewing The World:   Outlines the more common transgressions of the people.

  4. A Closer Look At The World We Live In:   Scripture elaborates on the behind-the-scenes operations that everyone should become familiar with.   However, most people are oblivious to what has been going on right in front of their faces; whereas, to those who look ... it's very, very obvious.

  5. The Scams:   Cites details of five flagrant scams (key roots of International Organized Crime's operations) being served and protected by authorities and others.   These scams include:

    (1)  Robbing The National Treasury.
    (2)  Thievery Via The Nation's And World Markets.
    (3)  The International Loan Scam Robbing Nations Worldwide.
    (4)  Corruption Of The US Senate Controls The US Congress.
    (5)  The Theft Of GOD'S Holy Ark.

  6. A Flagrant Example Of Authorities Serving And Protecting International Organized Crime:   Matters have been brought to the attention of authorities including the Florida Supreme Court, the President of the United States, and many others.

  7. Promoting Immorality, Blackmailing Political Figures, Corrupting America:   The world's most powerful nation:   Corrupted elements of the US Government and the Jewish MOSSAD'S involvement become obvious.   Suggest the book:

    "Drugging America" by Rodney Stich (1999) Diablo Western Press (Readers pay heed to the CIA's Sea Crest Trading Co. and its role in the initial bombing of the World Trade Center.   Now you will know why the FBI offices were vacated before the detonation).

  8. Setting Up Over It The Basest Of Men.   Actions speak louder and more truthfully than words! (Daniel 4:17).

  9. How Can I Help?

  10. Biblical History And Prophecy:   Schedule Of Events:   Free slide show of more than 100 slides in several parts that help explain the past, present, and future.

  11. The World We Live In:   Review and Supplement:   Part I
    Payback Time Approaches:   Review and Supplement:   Part II

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