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An Introduction to Islam: A Christian Perspective
Grace Center for Biblical and Theological Studies

Islam and the Christian Faith

An Introduction to Islam: A Christian Perspective
Islam and the Christian Faith

Course Description: This course is a through introduction to the beliefs, practices and history of Islam. It will acquaint the student with Muhammad, the Prophet-founder of Islam and the sacred writings of the faith - the Quran (Koran), its holy Book and the Hadith or Sunnah, which records the sayings and actions of Muhammad. These modes of revelation form the basis on which Muslims built their lives- religious and social and define the concepts of sacred and profane. Islam is one of three interrelated religions. In a real sense Judaism, Christianity and Islam form a family tree of faiths. All are Semitic in origin, descend from Abraham, and affirm monotheism. In an even greater way Christianity and Islam are related due to the historical fact that without the prior existence of some form of Christianity Islam would not exist because so much of its belief is a negation of its perceptions, sometimes erroneous, of Christian teachings. While we will explore Islam through the eyes of the Christian faith every effort will be made to be objective and accurate in presentation. A comparison-contrast model will be followed regarding the connection with and intersection of these two religions. We must also explore the social cultural dimensions of Islam historically, in Muslim countries and in connection with the American experience of democracy and freedom of religion.

Rationale for the Course: In an increasing shrinking social structure, especially in the big cities of the America, Muslims and Christians are often neighbors and have increasing social contact with one another. Both Christianity and Islam are evangelistic faiths seeking to bear witness to their faith in God. It is important that we more accurately understand one another and that we engage in honest dialogue.

Primary Textbooks:
[Depending on the student's level of interest and finances they should choose one or both of these books.]
Level 1
George W. Braswell, Jr., What You Need to Know about Islam & Muslims. Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 2000.

Level 2
George W. Braswell, Jr., Islam Its Prophet, People, Politics and Power. Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 1996.

Level 1& 2
Badru D Katereggar and David W Shenk. A Muslim and Christian in Dialogue. Scottsdale: Herald Press, 1997.

Quran (Koran) - Translations / Interpretations by Ali, Pickford or Dawood

Holy Bible - Translations NASB-U, ESV, NKJV, NRSV, NIV

Dates for Winter-Spring 2002 term Thursday's from 7 to 9 p. m. January 17 to May 9. Fifteen sessions with 2 holidays. Thirty (30) hours of instruction. Little cost but great benefit!

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