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Grace Center for Biblical and Theological Studies

Who We Are, Where We've Been

Training in Bible doctrine and Biblical literacy has been a long term passion of our teachers.

Wayne Conrad
Our principal instructor is Wayne Conrad. He has several years of graduate studies in theology and a Master?egree from Criswell College. In addition, Wayne has had a number of years experience as a pastor, Bible college instructor, radio speaker, and newspaper columnist. Recently he made two trips to India where he taught in a seminary and church leaders?minars.

Jeff Gregory

Our dean is Jeff Gregory, the pastor of Faith Community Church. He has attended several seminaries and is a graduate of the Reformed Theological Seminary (M.Div.). He will also be teaching as we add more courses.

Jim Woychuk

Another member of our faculty who will be teaching courses in the future is Jim Woychuk, the assistant pastor of Faith Community Church. Jim is currently writing his dissertation for the Ph.D. degree at Dallas Theological Seminary