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Joanne The Core
Enjoying a deep, personal relationship with God, exploring, experiencing and teaching the wisdom of the Bible is the core of my life. I have taught Bible studies for more than 35 years and led many women's retreats. I am an avid "journaler" and have volumes of notebooks to prove it!
Working with the community
We have a large Hispanic community around our church. A tutoring club was started for the children after school twice a week. Soon the parents of these children began asking if we would teach them English.

For over two years I have been working with these adults, helping them learn English and the customs of their new land. It's the highlight of my week.

When class is over, they often spend a few minutes helping me with my Spanish. Then I become the learner and they become the teachers. They watch me struggle to say those tongue twisters. They are very patient yet persistent with me, modeling the teaching techniques I have used on them!

God with skin on
When Jesus Christ walked the earth long ago, people were touched by His loving and caring attitude. He always seemed to have the time to listen and respond to their needs.

The Good News is that today Jesus is still alive and well, living and moving among us through the people of God. What a delight it is for us to allow the Spirit of Jesus to flow through us and be "God with skin on" to others. Each student we teach is the recipient of the utmost respect, caring and attention. We see apprehension leave their faces, then watch acceptance and enjoyment blossom...the ideal atmosphere for learning.

Lessons learned the hard way:
(Is there some other way?
          Someone please tell me!)

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