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Acupressure for your Eyes

Why not enjoy the relaxing Effects of Acupressure Massage for your eyes?

Acupressure is the age-old technique of inducing relaxation and healthy tissue changes. It is safe, simple, inexpensive. Acupressure involves applying sub-threshold pressure to certain points in the body. Sub-threshold means that pressure which is heavy, but does not cause pain.

Hoku point

This is located on the inner side of the hand on the highest elevated point of the hump produced by approximating the thumb.

Press the hoku point while relaxing other muscles in the hand.

This massage is said to increase circulation to the head and eye region.

Jing Ming points -

These are located on the side of the bridge of nose at the eye level.

Massage here is said to fight eye disease.

Si Bai points -

They are located on either side of the nostril on the cheek.

Pressure here with your fore-finger combats eye disease, headache. Keep your thumb anchored below the chin.

The four point massage -

Four important points are said to lie on the bony rims around the eyes.

Massage the bony rims around the eyes with fore-fingers, thumbs anchored at the forehead. Do both sides at the same time. These were said to be highly beneficial for eye health.



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