Startup and Finder Keyboard Modifier List
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These work on most late model 680X0 & PowerPC Mac Models
Startup Process Keyboard Commands
Using System 7 or greater - (Hold Key(s) Until Happy Mac Appears)
NOTE: Some third party keyboards will sometimes not be recognized before the System starts to load.

Bypass internal or normal startup drive -
NOTE: Does not work on iMacs and G3 B&W

Boot from CD (Late model Apples) - x[C]
NOTE: Mac OS8 - Starting a 68040 computers from a CD-ROM using the c key does not work when the CD's SCSI-ID is 5.

Boot from a specific SCSI Drive -
[CMD]+[OPTION]+[SHIFT]+[DELETE]+[#] -- (# = SCSI ID#)
NOTE: Does not exclude internal harddrive driver on iMacs and G3 B&W

Zap PRAM (Best done with TechTool or similar utility) -
NOTE: this operation only Zaps the upper end of the PRAM, TechTool ( Zaps it all.

Disable Extensions (at startup) - xxxxxxxxxxxxx[SHIFT]
NOTE: Hold until Welcome to Macintosh appears

Rebuild Desktop(on individual storage device) - xx[CMD]+[OPTION]
Hold down before floppy, hard drive, or cartridge icon appears on desktop, answer "OK"

Start without Finder Windows open. - xxxxxxxxxx[OPTION]
Finder's window location information can become damaged - switching between arrow and watch cursor at finder appearance

Boot with Virtual Memory off - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[CMD]

Bring up extension manager at boot-up - xxxxxxxxx[SPACEBAR]
MacOS Extension Manager or Conflict Catcher

Eject Floppy (and/or Cartridges) At Startup - xxxxxxHold Down Mouse Button

G3 Powerbook Models ONLY
Reset the Power Management Unit and PRAM
Turn Off PowerBook - [Shift] + [Fn] (function)+ [Control] + [PowerKey]

AV Macintosh Models ONLY
Force an AV monitor to be recognized -
[CMD] + [OPTION] + [A] + [V]
AppleVision 1.5.x & >
Force Quadra AV machines to use TV as Monitor -
[CMD] + [OPTION] + [T] + [V]

Macintosh Classic ONLY -
Boot from ROM - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[CMD] + [OPTION] + [X] + [O] (oh)

Macintosh PowerBooks ONLY -
Force PowerBooks to reset the screen - xxx[R]

Force application to Quit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[CMD]+[OPTION]+[ESC]
NOTE: - The system is unstable at this point, files should saved, applications quit, and computer restarted
Force Reboot when frozen or system error. .[CMD]+[CONTROL]+[PowerKey]
NOTE: - It is wise to run a harddisk utility (eg. - Disk First Aid, Norton Disk Doctor, MacTools Clinic) to check HardDisk on restart
NOTE: - iMacs will often not respond to this command, the hardware reset in the side door needs to be paperclipped.
Fast Shutdown. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[CTRL]+[CMD]+[OPTION]+[PowerKey]
ShutDown Dialog Box xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[PowerKey]
Mounts CD as a ISO volume xxxxxxx..........[CMD]+[OPTION]+[i]

Goto the debugger (if MacsBug is installed) xx[CMD]+[PowerKey]

Invoke Programmer's Switch box xxxxxxxxxx[CMD]+[POWER]
Code for PPC: SM_0_A9F4 <RETURN> G_0 <RETURN>
For 68k: SM_FA700_A9F4 <RETURN> PC_FA700 <RETURN> G <RETURN>
(Where all "0's" are numbers, all "_" are space keys)
Prevent StartUp Items from loading xxxxxx[Shift] (as menu bar is appearing)
Disable RAM Test at Startup xxxxxxx.......[CMD]+[OPTION] + open Memory control panel
NOTE: - Not Recommended - Will not work on G3's - saves less than a minute, usually.
Put late model PowerBooks & Desktops to sleep [CMD]+[OPTION]+[PowerKey]
Stop a Process xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[CMD]+[.] (Period)
NOTE: - This does not always work - and at times it will take 60 seconds or longer for a response.
Hide Active Applicaition xxxxxxxxxx[OPTION]+[Click on app window or Desktop]
Selected items to Trash xxxxxxxxxxxx[CMD]+[DELETE]
Empty Trash include locked items without dialog [OPTION]+[Empty Trash]
Erase Disk on insertion xxxxxxxxxxxx[CMD]+[OPTION]+[Tab]
Clear Chooser Cache xxxxxxxxxxxxxx[OPTION]+[CMD]+[Select Chooser]
Close Previous Window xxxxxxxxxxx[OPTION]+[Doubleclick Icon]
Copy instead of Move xxxxxxxxxxxxx[OPTION]+[Drag Icon]
Clean up Window in Icon View by Name
[OPTION]+[Clean up Window (Special Menu)]
ScreenShot to File (Picture 1, 2, etc) xx[CMD]+[Shift]+[3]
ScreenShot to Clipboard xxxxxxxxxxxx[CMD]+[CTRL]+[Shift]+[3]
SelectionShot to File xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[CMD]+[Shift]+[4]
NOTE: - Mac OS 7.6.1 and Later
SelectionShot to Clipboard xxxxxxxxxx[CMD]+[CTRL]+[Shift]+[4]
NOTE: - Mac OS 7.6.1 and Later
WindowShot to File xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[CapsLock]+[CMD]+[Shift]+[4]
NOTE: - Mac OS 7.6.1 and Later
WindowShot to Clipboard xxxxxxxxxx[CapsLock]+[CMD]+[CTRL]+[Shift]+[4]
NOTE: - Mac OS 7.6.1 and Later
Close Open Pop-up Window, Delete Pop-up Tab [CMD]+[Shift]+[W]
NOTE: - Mac OS 8.1 and Later
Close All Open Pop-up Window, Delete Pop-up Tab [CMD]+[OPTION]+[Shift]+[W]
NOTE: - Mac OS 8.1 and Later

LaserWriter Specific (When accessing the "Page Setup..." dialog box) from the Finder, holding down the option key when clicking the "OK" button will produce a dialog asking if you want to save this as the default settings.

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