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Talks About The Upcoming Harry Potter Books::(these are just rumors and there is no relation with the real upcoming books):)::

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  • Snape hates harry so much because he was in love with Lily Potter!
  • The new DADA teacher might be Fleur Delacour.
  • The order of the phoenix is a secret organization that fights against the dark arts.
  • Hermione and Ron my go out. Why you ask? J.k Rowling gave away in an interview that there was something going on with Ron liking Hermion.
  • Hermione may become a prefect.
  • Harry and Ron go together to fight Voldemort.
  • Hagrid and Madame Maxine go to make peace with the giants before Voldemort can.
  • Harry could possibly date Cho Chang.
  • We find out that the Ravenclaw ghost is named the Grey Lady.
  • We could find out why some people become ghosts when they die an others don't.
  • Snape may go and spy for the dark side and Fleur takes his place.
  • Professor Lupin & the real Mad-Eye Moody may come back.
  • We might get a defense against the dark side teacher who is a women .
  • The book will definitely be darker and scarier.
  • Harry may go to live either Sirius once his name is cleared.
  • Cedric Diggory could come back as a ghost to tell Harry to do something important for him .
  • Hermione may like Harry because she kissed him on the check in book 4.
  • Fleur Delacour might come to see see Bill: Remember how she was looking at him in Book 4
  • Hagrid will be killed while visiting the giants. This is because Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid in the HP movies), when asked if he was signed on for all the movies, he said 'sort of,' which means that it is quite possible he will be killed.
  • Also, JKR said that one of Harry's 'fans' will die. So, either Colin or Ginny will die.
  • Dumbledore won't die, because Richard Harris said he is signed on for all the movies.
    FollowUp: Although Richard Harris signed for all seven movies, that does not mean that he won't die in the seventh movie.
    FollowUP: Nothing jk ever mentions in her books has ever been mentioned lightly without later holding some greater significance and in every single last book ron harry and hermonie always state: were safe as long as dumbledore is around dumbledore is quite a fan of harrys but not for the same reasons as everyone else dumbledore see's a much greater quality in harry that only he and the readers can appreciate she did say a fan would die and come on you can't possibley think that it would be colin or ginny they are to obvious and jk doesn't work like that unless she expects us to look for the least obvious and there for goes directly for the least obvious and I believe that the owner of phawks plays a very important role phawks has played a role in all of the books if not by mention or apperance and he also has a very important relatioship that even most readers doesn't recognize but if Phawks is so important and book is called order of the phoneix mabey its called this because when dumbledore dies harry will become the next owner and mabey order of the phoniex has to do with his previous owners. - Winky
  • Harry might go out with ginny j.k rowling said that it is someone that has played a part in all the books. Maybe not big but still in the book, and even though cho might like harry and vice-versa it is not likely because of what happened to Cedric.
  • Colin Creevey is killed by Voldemort, because Colin knows Voldemorts weakness, so Voldemort kills him!
  • There's going to be lots more stuff on Lily Potter, including info on her maiden name.
  • Why Voldemort hunted down and wanted to kill Harry's parents will be revealed.
  • Professor Snape will pretend to be a Death Eater & rejoin Voldemort's side again, but actually just spy for Dumbledore (remember how in the Pensieve(Bk. 4), Dumbledore said how Snape turned to their side & spied for them before Voldemort lost power, and how in the end of Bk. 4, Dumbledore was all mysterious & said to Snape you know what you have to do..and Snape left).
  • Mrs. Figg who takes care of Harry when the Dursley's have somewhere to go will be the new DADA teacher. She is a witch that Dombledore hired to look after Harry. That is why he must go to the Dursley's in the summers. Remember in book 4 when he refered to the "old crowd" he mentioned her name.
  • She may be Harry's Secret Keeper.
  • Also Rowlings has hinted that Snape will fall in love either in book 5 or 6.
  • We may discover that the reason Harry is safe at the Dursleys is because of that curse that Pettigrew broke with harry's parents(the secret keeper) and Dumbledoor is the keeper...just a guess! -Lily
  • It is not going to be as long as the 4th book.
  • Harry might become the quidditch captain, and Ron could be the new Gryffindor keeper. - Nate
  • Harry will not go out with Cho because in an interview she said Harry will go out with someone who has been in all the books and Cho wasn't in the book until the third one. So it will probably be Ginny since shes had a crush on him since the begining, and he won't go out with Hermione because she will probably go out with Ron. Also Ginny has also been in all the books. - Nate
  • Maybe Ron and Hermione will be on the quiddich team because not only Oliver was a fourth year, but so was that Angelina girl. Therefore, they also need a new chaser, so maybe Hermione could fill the role.
  • Rowling hinted that somebody will start doing magic later in life and that it is very rare for someone to do that from the muggle world or even the wizarding world for that matter. She said that it could not be Aunt Petunia or Uncle Vernon as they are too old but to keep your eyes on Dudley! If this is true I cant wait to read about how Petunia and Vernon find out and how they will cope with it as they hate magic and then they find out that their son Dudley is a wizard!! I wonder if they'll disown him.


Welcome to World of Harry Potter Version 4!!
Okay.. so it's not way different than version one, but still - it's different, and that's what matters..

Updates of this week -Book 5 Page added.!!!!

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"So Dobby stopped us getting on the train and broke your arm... You know what Harry? If he doesn't stop trying to save your life, he's going to kill you."

- Ron Weasley to Harry Potter




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