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Sorcerer's Stone Mistakes

In the Quidditch scene, Hermione's hair is crimped. Later, when you see the class looking at Neville after his fall, you see that her hair is striaght. The very next shot she's in, her hair's crimped again.

When the Durselys and Harry return from the zoo, as the door is just about to shut you can see the crew equipment and boxes outside the door.

At the end of the film, when Harry is leaving on the Hogwarts Express, and the overhead shot shows the train pulling away from the station you can clearly see that Hagrid is of normal height, as the train roof is much taller than he is.

During the sorting cerimony, Harry looks at Snape for the first time and you can clearly see Quirrel's hairline under his turban, (because he is turned around). He's supposed to be bald.

When Harry, Ron, and Hermoine are going through the chess game in the dungeon, Ron's final move with the knight goes off the board; if you watch carefully, you'll notice that he is on the farthest row of squares to the left as he possibly can be, and then he moves his player one space to the left. He tecnically should have gone off the board, but when the Queen kills him, he's back on the board.

When Oliver Wood is explaining Quidditch to Harry, he struggles to put the Bludger back in the trunk. You can see a rod under the trunk lift and shake it, so the Bludgers appear to be moving on their own.

In the sea hut before Hagrid bursts through the door, from some angles Harry has a reddish blanket covering him from the waist down. From other angles the blanket covers Dudley on the couch and Harry is lying on the floor uncovered (except for his clothes, of course).

The letter adressed to new Hogwarts students reads they may bring an owl OR a cat OR a toad. How come Ron can bring a rat?

When Harry, Ron and Hermione are running to Hagrid's hut to tell him they know about the stone (just before they see Norbert) Hermione's hair is very long, but by the time they get inside his hut and take off their cloaks, her hair is much shorter.

After Harry opens the chocolate frog on the train to Hogwarts, he sees the frog jump out out the window, and then, as if by magic, the chocolate frog box has turned into the Dumbledore card. You do not see him look down to change it or even any hand movement.

At the start of term feast, after Harry is sorted into Gryffindor, he sits down on the right side of the table next to Ron. When the feast appears, Harry is on the other side of the table, next to Hermione.

In the sorting ceremony, we see Susan Bones, the girl with long curly hair, was sorted into Hufflepuff House. Later, in Professor Snape's Potion class, we see Susan was sitting behind Harry when Snape questions him. Only Gryffindor and Slytherin are attending in that class together - Susan was in the wrong class!

When the three children get past Fluffy because the harp is playing, as Fluffy wakes he dribbles on Ron's shoulder. However, when they fall down into the Devil's Snare, his shirt is completely dry.

When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are telling Hagrid that Snape is trying to steal the stone, he tells them that Snape helped protect the stone, and 'he's not about to steal it'. So far so good, sticks to the book. However when they actually try to save the stone, Snape's challenge, the logic one with potions, is missing!

When Hagrid show Harry, Hedwig (the owl) If you look at Harry's forehead you can see that his scar isn't there. If you look in the previous scene, when Mr. Olivander tells Harry about his wand, his scar is right above his eyebrow, but in the next scene his scar isn't there.

When Harry recieves his first letter in the mail, Dudley snatches it from him before he has a chance to open it. Then he gives it to his father (Uncle Vernon), and Uncle Vernon says "Who'd be writing to you?" If you watch Dudley carefully, you can see him mouth what Uncle Vernon is saying.

Daniel Radcliffe, the boy who plays Harry Potter, has naturally BLUE eyes. In some shots Chris Columbus, the director, changed Daniel's eye color. But Chris C. didn't want to use that the whole time. It's NOT a lighting problem.

At the scene with the "flying" letters Harry gets one letter and tries to go in his "room". But Uncle Vernon grabs him. When Harry says, "they're my letters". If you watch closely his lips don't move.

In the scene when the kids first come in the great hall, on the table to right of the camera, you can see Oliver Wood. Next to him, there are some kids, but in the next shot, the kids are gone and Wood is on the corner of the table!

When everyone is outside for their flying lesson and Ron gets hit with his broom, he tells Harry to shut up. But if you watch Ron when he says it, you can see him smile and about to burst out laughing. It's not really a mistake, but it's pretty funny to notice!

When Harry, Ron and Hermione are running away from Mrs. Norris (the cat) Harry yells "Quick hide through that door!" if you look close enough you can see that his mouth doesn't move when he says that.

When Harry, Ron, and Hermione and heading to Hadrig's hut after discussing the stone, Harry says "why didn't I see it before" his tie is all the way over to his left side, then when they are talking to Hadrig his tie is straight in the middle.

In the scene where the troll has just gone into the girls washroom, Hermoine quickly goes back in to the 1st stall on the right hand side, but when you see the above view she is in the 3rd from the right.

When Harry recieves his letter from Hogwarts, he opens it and it looks like one letter standard size. When the shot changes, it looks like a card (but we clearly saw Harry unfold it). And when they are in London, right before they enter The Leaky Cauldron, Standard size again but now there are more then one letter. Notice the folded left hand corner.

When Harry, Ron, and Hermione first go into the forbidden corridor, the pillars that burst into flame for light do not begin until after a person would be walking through the hallway. However, Harry\'s face is lit when he turns around to see Filch\'s cat (Mrs. Norris). If the first fire is behind him, why isn\'t his face in a shadow?

When Harry and Hagrid are in Gringotts, Hagrid hands the goblin an envelope saying, "Professor Dumbeldore gave me this". When he says that,the envelope is crinkled around the edges. When the goblin is holding it, it is smooth and shows no sign of ever being crinkled.

In the beginning of the film when Vernon has Harry by the hair and is questioning him about the snake incident, he throws him into the room under the stairs. He then shuts the door and says "there is no such thing as magic" then he shuts the bared-window but you can see in the take before that that the window has nothing on it to cover it.

When Harry, Ron, And Hermione are heading to Hagrid's hut, near the end of the movie,you see a group of three people behind them walk into another corridor. A second or two later the same group walks into the same corridor.

In the scene near the end of the movie where Harry boards Hogwarts Express to go home, Hagrid stands on the platform and waves goodbye. He is wearing a coat and looks huge, as usual,but you can see when he waves, that his hand seems rather small compared to the rest of his huge frame.

In the scene where the first years are looking at the boats, Hagrid says: "No more than four to a boat." BUT when we see Hermione in her boat, there are FIVE people in there. Four are in the normal seats, and one is leaning out at the front of the boat!

When Harry is taking notes in Potions class, he finishes writing all of the words to Snape's speech just as Snape turns to him. Yet, when Hermione nudges him, several seconds later, he is still writing.

When Harry, Ron, and Heirmione go after the Philosopher's Stone, the harp stops playing. They look up at the dog but it's shadow is cast on the ceiling above them as well on top of them. This shows there were lights behind the 3.

Harry walks to the quidditch pitch, the bristles on his broom are neat and tidy, ending in a point. He stands next to Wood, still neat, but as soon as he mounts his broom and flies, the bristles have become played out and messy.

When all of the letters are arriving from Hogwarts at the Dursleys house, it is obvious that the ones flying around the room are just single pieces of paper and not thick envelopes containing letters.

When everyone is at the end-of-term feast, Harry has a cast on his wrist, but couldn't Madam Pomfrey (the nurse) have fixed it with magic?

When Harry is looking at Mr. Olivander's Wand Shop from the outside the windows are VERY rounded, yet when Harry is inside the shop they are either totally flat or at most a little bit rounded - definately not as much as the outside.

When Harry sneaks into the resticted section of the library with his lantern, he puts the lantern down on the ledge and the light doesn't even flicker, you can tell it's a sort of lightbulb, not a candle.

After Harry, Ron and Hermonie have completed the chess game challenge, Harry instructs the other two to "go back and get help". So, are they just supposed to waltz back through the previous challenges, somehow climb up through that Devil's Snare, and out the trapdoor guarded by Fluffy, who is very awake now (and hopefully not standing on the door)?

When Harry tells Hermione and Ron about the day he was at Gringotts, an owl comes in with a broomstick. When the owl is going to drop the broomstick you can see that someone quickly ducks their head to avoid getting hit, but the broomstick is a good few inches away from his head.

Near the start, Percy says "Boys upstairs and down on your left, girls the same on your right". However, after the three heroes have been to investigate Fluffy and they go back to the dorms, when they reach the top of the stairs Hermione goes to the left and the boys head right.

In the scene when Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit Hagrid, Malfoy is visible through the window. He appears to be eye level with the window and is shown turning and running away. When the camera zooms out later in the film, the same window that Malfoy is supposedly looking through is far too high for anybody to see through without a ladder. He obviously didn't have a ladder or he would have fallen off it when he turned to run away.

When Harry came back down from when he caught Neville's Rembrall, all the other students cheered and ran towards him. Wouldn't half the students stay back and look mad, since half of them are Slytherin?

When the are in the bathroom, after knocking the troll out, Hermione steps foward and says "Is it dead?" there is water coming out of a leaking pipe but as she steps through it, it stops. Once she passes through it again, it starts leaking once more.

When Harry, Ron and Hermione rush to Hagrid after end-of-the-year exams, and Harry is saying something that ends with "why didn't I see it before", Hermione is mouthing his lines.

In the beginning of the movie when the students are first sorted, a little red headed girl is sorted into Hufflepuff house before Harry. Later in the movie, she is seeated at dinner at the same table as Harry, meaning she would have to be in his house, which is Gryffindor. How did she switch houses?

At the end of the movie Hagrid gives Harry the photo album. After Harry looks at it and tells Hagrid goodbye, he walks back to the train with his hands at his side and there is no sign of the album in either hand.

When the troll is about to swing at Harry for the third time with his club, Ron levitates his club in mid-air. When the club falls, it hits the trolls head with a loud thunk, then falls to the ground. But you never hear any sound of the club hitting the ground.

On the train to Hogwarts, Hermione tells Harry and Ron that they need to get their school clothes on, as they will arrive soon. It is daytime outside. Yet the train arrives at Hogsmeade Station in the middle of the night.

In the scene when Harry is sitting in the dark looking at the mirror, just before the old man comes from behind to talk to him, you can easily see the shadow of a camera man and camera on the wall.

When Harry, Ron and Hermione are in the girls' bathroom, fighting the troll, the troll knocks out a sink 2 from the end. When the troll is knocked out, and shows Hermione when she says "Is it, dead?" you will notice that the sink that was hit is 4 from the end. Not 2 from the end, and that the one that was actually hit, is intact.

In the scene where Hermione, Ron and Harry are returning to Gryffindor's tower room after being in the third floor room for the first time, you are able to see the feet of one of the crew. It happens just as they are passing through the picture hole, where Harry turns a couple of times to check that the "door" is closing. And it is in fact, because someone is walking behind it and pushing it shut, since the picture hangs several inches off the floor.

When Hagrid hands the goblin the letter about "you know what", the letter has crinkles on the edges, but when the goblin takes a look at it, it's all neat. Then when he looks up at Hagrid, it's crinkly again.

Last scene of the Hogwarts Express: the trees to the left of the screen are blowing madly in the wind, while the trees to the right aren't moving at all.

Hagrid appears at the hut on the rock to fetch Harry on Harry's 11th birthday, which is July 31. The next day they go to London to buy Harry's school supplies, then end the day at King's Cross. But the letter Hagrid hands Harry at the hut (in the book, anyway - and in the film if you stop it to read what Harry doesn't) tells him to report to the train on September 1. What happened to the month of August?

When Ron is in the Hogwarts train with Harry he has a big dark dirt stain on his nose, but when he is sitting on the other side (with Harry) it's barely there! And he couldn't of wiped it off beacause Hermione later comes in and informs him, THEN he tries to wipe it off.

At one stage in the sea hut scene, Harry is standing beside the BARE wall of the fireplace. The camera then goes to Hagrid, who turns and pulls the broken door down saying "Unless you'd rather stay, of course?". The camera then goes back to Harry, who is stil by the wall that now shows his coat is hanging right there beside him, which Harry then grabs on his way out.

In the scene in Diagon alley when Harry first enters there are some witches on the left hand side of the screen looking at what appears to be large lollypops and Harry walks past them. The camera angle changes and Harry walks past them again.

After the final confrontation Harry has scratches on his face, particularly one on his chin. When visited by Prof Dumbledore the chin scratch is barely there but in the scene in the refectory it is back and appears larger than before.

In the first scene Professor McGonagall's broach disappears and reappears several times.

In the scene where Professor Quirrell removes his headwrap to reveal the concealed Voldemort, Quirrell is obviously bald. However, if you carefully watch the scene with the troll, Quirell's sideburns are clearly present after he shudders as the troll exhales.



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